Using the Bonus Product

I have a question about using my bonus product

With the credit on your Home & Living card, you can choose and order any gift cards from our expansive range. Simply enter the code from your Home & Living card here and select your desired gift cards directly. They are available in a digital format and are sent out by e-mail, just like a universal gift card.

If your gift card was sent out by e-mail, you can see a short guide about redeeming it from directly within that e-mail. Simply click on the “i” (under the vendor’s logo).

The partner’s customer service department can usually provide the fastest help if you have difficulty redeeming gift cards.

If the partner can’t offer a solution, contact cadooz customer service. Please also always send us a screenshot of the error message if your partner gift card is not accepted online.

Depending on the retailer, gift cards/codes can be redeemed in online as well as physical stores. Similarly, it also depends on the retailer if you can use multiple gift cards simultaneously for your purchase. The terms and conditions for redemptions vary from retailer to retailer, so please consult the applicable redemption terms and conditions on the relevant retailer’s gift card information page.

We don’t accept any liability for original gift cards that are lost or damaged. However, if you received your gift card by e-mail, we can send out the e-mail again. 

Please use the contact form for this.

No, it’s not possible to redeem a gift card once it has passed its expiration date.

Unless there is something different written on your gift card, it will be valid for a period of three years, beginning on the date of issue. This is in line with legal specifications.

Gift cards:

Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged.


If you don’t like your reward, you can send it back to the returns address provided on the shipping label within 14 days of receiving the reward. If it is defective, you have two years to return the product. Please be aware that it will take about two to three weeks for you to receive a notification after sending back your reward.

You receive a credit or new gift card from the specific vendor.

Please contact the vendor’s customer service department for information.