Share Joy with refer-a-friend

Who do you trust more? A billboard or a friend? You are more likely to take a product recommendation from someone you know than from an advertisement. The same is true for 92 percent of your customers. Makes you wonder what kind of friends the other 8 percent have ... anyway, that’s beside the point.


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Thank you for 2022!

As 2022 draws to a close, we can now pause for a moment and realize what we are thankful for and proud of. Many cherished moments that put a special smile on our faces. You’ll find out in this blog post what they are.


Employee Benefits

3.000 € for employees and 5 % for employers

Until Dec. 31, 2024, employers may pay employees up to 3,000 euro as inflation compensation premium in addition to their salaries. The legal status of other tax-free non-cash benefits of up to 50 euro remains unaffected by the inflation compensation premium.

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