Don’t waste any market potential! Within the marketing mix, sales promotion is a powerful communication tool when it comes to boosting your company's sales through targeted sales promotions. Develop a good relationship with your sales partners, use your stationary trade presence and profit from cooperation with other brands and manufacturers. That’s how we provide you with the right promotional mechanisms and support you with our know-how within the field of sales promotion.

Three Different Ways We Do This at cadooz:

Custom Sales Promotions for Your Products

cadooz offers you a variety of sales promotion modules for you to compete on the market with your product. That’s how we work with you to create effective incentives to motivate your retail partners and field staff to increase sales activities, inspire the end customer and make the sale as optimal as possible for both sides. A strong manufacturer/trader relationship is the first step. A targeted incentive from our premium portfolio makes it possible for you to motivate your sales partners to give their best when selling your products. Furthermore, eye-catching bonuses added to your POS provide you with the opportunity to help retail partners stand out from the competition.


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We offer you attractive solutions for effective PoS campaigns so that you can generate the attention you want at the consumer level, increase sales and expand your brand awareness. As a specialist in the field of POS promotion, we provide you with the corresponding gift card and rewards solutions, packaged in the relevant mechanisms. Our service portfolio also ranges from individual consulting, to overall design and planning of measures, to clearing and customer support for your POS campaign.


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Do you also want to address customers outside your reach? Then cooperation management is the right approach here. We’ll introduce you to strong market manufacturers and brands and support you in developing joint promotional activities. From co-branding to cross-promotion and product bundling, we work with you to find the right approach for the successful promotion of sales. 


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Good Reasons to Promote Sales with cadooz

Promote through attractive bonuses

Increase the attractiveness of your brands and increasing recognition value

Increase the retailer buy-in

Increase the rotation of merchandise

Positive image transfer & differentiation from the competition

Increase customer satisfaction and customer retention

Highly Effective Promotional Mechanisms

The specific mechanisms for promoting sales can be individually adapted to your needs. Prize competitions, cashback promotions, multibuy options and loyalty campaigns are only a small part of our large portfolio of sales promotion measures.

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Achieve Long-Term Success by Having cadooz Oversee Sales Promotion

Our experience shows that many sales promotion campaigns not only result in the short-term promotion of sales, but also have a long-term effect. Increase sales of your products directly on your customers’ premises. Get additional information and demographic data to help you customize your offer. Your brand will remain in your customer’s mind. As a reward for participating in our campaigns, branded incentives also ensure the brand is built up over the long run. Support this process and expand your degree of efficiency by using one of the loyalty campaigns we have designed.

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We’ll gladly help you in finding the right sales promotion for your target group. We provide you with everything from a single source. From planning and conception through to implementation of the actual sales promotion campaign, we are always at your side. Contact us – we’ll develop the right solution for you!