Idea Management

Last year, suggestions from employees brought companies in Germany over €1 billion. No wonder, then, that idea management is playing an increasingly important role in companies.

In addition to cutting costs and enhancing quality, successful idea management can also help increase employee satisfaction and help employees identify with the company. The opportunity to get involved is motivating. By rewarding your employees for good, innovative ideas, you create additional incentives for them to get involved in your company’s suggestion system. Here, cadooz offers you a whole host of attractive rewards and complete solutions that are perfect for incentivizing your employees to come up with new ideas and suggestions for improvement. We’ll be more than happy to advise you personally on choosing the right solution for your company, and in particular for your employees.

Successful Idea Management With cadooz

So you want to start leveraging the idea-generating potential of your employees and rewarding them for this accordingly? Selecting the right reward is only the first step here. What’s more important is setting up and running an idea management scheme. In cadooz IPS, we provide you with a state-of-the-art tool that can be designed and configured in line with your specific needs and that is perfect for providing incentives in the form of an idea management scheme, through which your employees can earn points in a fun way whenever they submit a good idea. The points they collect can then be redeemed directly on the incentive platform. Rewards do not, however, have to be paid out in cash. Tangible emotional rewards or tax-free bonuses are considerably more attractive to your employees, and thereby automatically increase their motivation to get involved. In addition to gift cards and rewards from well-known brands, our portfolio of rewards also includes events and experiences.

The all-inclusive worry-free package: from managing ideas and communicating with your employees through selecting the relevant rewards.

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