How and Where Do You Want to Work in the Future?

cadooz offers exciting career prospects with diverse development opportunities in all our business units.





We’re looking for people who want to carve out their success story together with cadooz.
Everyone has the opportunity to show his skills in our team and to participate actively in the implementation of specific projects.


Certificates & Awards

We train people!

As a company with a digital focus, we enjoy helping young people get their foot on the career ladder and preparing them for the future and the requirements of new markets. Our certificate from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is proof that we are well-qualified to do this.

Interested in an traineeship with cadooz? You can find all our current vacancies on our job vacancies.

Our employees have awarded us!

kununu Top Company:
Authenticity and candidness are vital in modern-day HR management. We scrutinize our own qualities as an employer with a critical eye and communicate with our employees and potential applicants as equals.

kununu Open Company:
We can only improve as an employer if we’re also open to criticism. We’re happy to receive both positive and negative feedback, whereby we draw on key information to help us become an even better employer for our cadoozies.

For the sake of simplicity, we use the term “employee” to refer to both male and female members of staff. This is not a matter of discrimination. The term always applies to both genders, of course.