HR in Retail during and after the pandemic

The EHI Retail Institute, a research and consultancy institute for the retail sector, has conducted a study examining the current and long-term impact of the pandemic on the work of HR managers. cadooz supported this study and also participated in an expert panel discussion for the formal presentation of its findings.

The pandemic has caused a great deal of change. The study confirmed that this is true not only in our personal lives, but also in the world of commerce. The retail HR managers surveyed were of the view that some of these changes will persist beyond the pandemic; this in turn may have a long-term impact on the working environment, and could pose new challenges for in-house HR departments.

Ongoing changes to the working environment

1 Flexible working and digital communication (65%),

2 Relevance of face-to-face encounters (30%), and

3 E-learning/upskilling & reskilling/mobility (each 25%).*


HR departments need to integrate these new requirements into HR management now, and plan their investment for the coming year accordingly.


Planned investment in HR management

1 Staff development (70%),

2 HR software (60%) and

3 Recruitment, employer branding and digitization (each 20%).*

cadooz looks at these new requirements in combination, and helps provide HR managers with the right tools to implement them. The key areas of investment that HR managers have identified for 2021 indicate that they favor a digital platform which offers support for staff development. However, digital gift card solutions have also been meeting the needs of HR managers for some time now, with around 90% of our customers currently using digital gift card codes to reward their employees.**


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Read the study in full and gain a fascinating insight into how you and your company can move forward.

Employee Benefits: The future of digital incentives

Many HR staff deal daily with the challenge of ensuring that personal interaction, identification with the company, and an overall sense of organizational unity are maintained, even as digitization continues to gather pace. How can they show recognition and appreciation to employees so that they remain motivated and loyal to the company in years to come? 

As experts with years of experience in the field of employee benefits, cadooz knows how to improve motivation through employee incentives, thereby creating the basis for a pleasant working environment. Ideally, your employees would be “intrinsically” motivated, by means of highly flexible working hours, a friendly working atmosphere, or the freedom to develop their own ideas. However, many employees – often those who have been with the company longest – actually tend to draw their motivation from extrinsic factors. This means that rather than being driven to go the extra mile by self-motivation, they are more likely to do so in the expectation of a reward, in the form of a salary increase or the promise of gift cards or non-cash bonuses.


Most rewards nowadays are provided digitally! 

80% of those surveyed by the EHI study stated that they consider digitization to be the major issue facing HR over the next two years. 50% of those surveyed also believe that software will be of growing importance in the HR sector in future.

Employee benefits from cadooz

Digital incentives are the future. We provide a range of solutions designed to show recognition and appreciation of employees as they strive to get used to the new normal of working from home and predominantly digital communication, with the aim of increasing their motivation and hopefully ensuring their loyalty over the long term.

More information about how you can best use the individual solutions, as well as some detailed background on employee motivation, can be found here:

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We bring brands and people together, and our network of over 500 gift card brands meets every employee and customer interest. Our goal is to maximize your employees’ motivation and satisfaction!


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*EHI Retail Institute e.V. - “Personal im Handel 2020/21 – Corona Impact, Trend und Investitionen” [HR in Retail 2020/21 – COVID-19 Impact, Trends, and Investment] (N=20, multi-select questions), published on 21 January 2021

**cadooz GmbH (in-house statistics based on gift card orders received in 2020)