Loyalty Incentives – Secure Your Customers’ Loyalty to Your Brand

Customer acquisition and retention are among the most difficult tasks in a company’s daily life. Challenges such as greater competitive pressure, declining customer loyalty, and diverting loyalty marketing promotions need to be overcome. Once you’ve succeeded in winning a customer over to your brand or product, you need to secure their loyalty. So, how does a new customer become a loyal customer? How can you differentiate your product from the competition? Our customer relations team will actively help to create added value with practical solutions from cadooz, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your target group. Find out about the numerous cooperative opportunities now.

Our Solutions

How do your competitors’ customers become your customers? Outpace your competition with attractive rewards from cadooz and win new customers with endowed added value.


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How do your customers become loyal followers? How can your customers’ satisfaction levels be increased, and how can former customers be convinced to return? Say thanks to loyal customers, motivate new customers to stay, and convince former customers to come back with the right rewarding solution from cadooz.

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Do you want to motivate your target group to be more involved? With the incentive program cadooz IPS, we provide a flexible tool that you can use to retain your customers,  win potential new customers and tie your employees and sales partners to your brand through the collection of points in a fun way. With cadooz Ace, you can also provide your target group with perks within the customer club and enhance interaction with your brand.


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cadooz Offers Customized Incentive Solutions for Your Market

Each market segment is unique, which is the reason why we customize our solutions to your requirements. Through the comprehensive design and many years of experience, we know precisely how we can expand your customer base and retain customers to your company in the long term. Rewards programs, competitions, and gifts are just one small part of our loyalty program. Take a look at our sales promotion measures for yourself!

Incentives for an Optimal Customer Relationship

Loyalty Means Being Able to Rely on Loyal Customers

Tasks for ensuring a perfectly coordinated strategy for acquiring and retaining customers are integral in any company’s daily agenda. The cadooz team offers selected products and loyalty incentives to relieve you of these tasks. We cater completely to you and your customers, to get it right. Your prospective customers and business partners will be delighted.

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We’d also be more than happy to create you your very own marketing campaign for retaining your customer base and increasing your brand brand awareness.