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BestChoice Shopping Gift Card?

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MovieChoice Movie Gift Card?

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Do you have questions about 


Attention! Fake online shops in use!

It can happen that some online shops claim to be operated by cadooz in their imprint. 

However, these are not legitimate stores operated by us.

All our internet adresses have as a component!

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I have a question about ordering my bonus product

It’s this easy

1. Visit

2. Enter your gift card code

3. Select your gift cards

4. Enter your shipping address

5. Receive your desired product by e-mail or mail

The DirectChoice ShoppingGiftCard can be redeemed at all participating stores to buy goods or services. It cannot be redeemed for cash. Any credit remaining on the card becomes void.

You can find participating stores using our store finder.

Do you have a BestChoice or DriversChoice voucher? Then you can view the selection of all partners directly on the redemption page of your voucher. Please click on "All providers A-Z" after logging in on the redemption page. The steps for redemption are indicated on your voucher.

You can use your universal gift card multiple times. The credit on it remains valid until the expiration date. To check the remaining credit, visit the redemption site and enter your code on it. It will then show you your remaining credit.

Credit usually remains on your gift card for you to use during subsequent orders. However, some partners only allow a full redemption of all your credit, with any remaining credit becoming void. Please check their terms and conditions of redemption before you buy.

The payment options that we currently offer are credit card payment (Mastercard/Visa) and, at selected stores, prepayment by bank transfer.

I have a question about the delivery of my bonus product

Gift cards

We mainly offer online gift cards. These are e-mailed to you using the address that you provided when you ordered. Gift cards in a credit card format, for example gas station cards, are delivered by Deutsche Post. Are you a business customer and have ordered a large volume of BestChoice/DriversChoice gift cards? Then we will send them through UPS.


We contract DHL or a courier for shipping depending on the size of the package.

Delivery status

You can view the current status of your order’s delivery here. You will need your order number for this. If you do not have your order number available, you can find help here.

Shipping time

If you ordered a gift card by redeeming a universal code (BestChoice code, Home & Living code, or similar), it is usually sent out within three hours after you place your order.

If you bought a gift card and paid by credit card, it is usually sent out within three hours after you place your order.

If you bought a gift card and chose to prepay by bank transfer, it is sent out after we receive the bank transfer in our account (usually within three business days).

If you ordered a gift card by redeeming PAYBACK points, the gift card is usually made available on the next business day. The gift card ordered is provided directly within your PAYBACK account.

If you were offered a gift card as a bonus (e.g., for referring friends for a magazine subscription) and have questions about the gift card’s shipment, please contact the bonus awarder directly.

Please also always check your e-mail account’s spam folder.

The shipment of rewards usually takes place within one week after placing the order. You can check your lifetime status here

Period exceeded? Then please contact us via the contact form.

You only need to print out your gift card if you plan to redeem it at a physical store. To redeem a gift card at a store, often you only need to save the gift card digitally, e.g., on your smartphone, and present it electronically. We are offering the Wallet function for this for a growing number of gift cards. To use this function, view your gift card using a mobile device.

To print out your gift card, click on the link in the e-mail and do the following:

1. Click on the red PDF field or the gray printer symbol.

2. Your gift card will open in PDF format. You can print it by clicking on the printer symbol at the top right.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our customer service team using our contact form

You can call us from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at: +49-40-271-482-0

I have a question about using my bonus product

With the credit on your Home & Living card, you can choose and order any gift cards from our expansive range. Simply enter the code from your Home & Living card here and select your desired gift cards directly. They are available in a digital format and are sent out by e-mail, just like a universal gift card.

If your gift card was sent out by e-mail, you can see a short guide about redeeming it from directly within that e-mail. Simply click on the “i” (under the vendor’s logo).

The partner’s customer service department can usually provide the fastest help if you have difficulty redeeming gift cards.

If the partner can’t offer a solution, contact cadooz customer service. Please also always send us a screenshot of the error message if your partner gift card is not accepted online.

Depending on the retailer, gift cards/codes can be redeemed in online as well as physical stores. Similarly, it also depends on the retailer if you can use multiple gift cards simultaneously for your purchase. The terms and conditions for redemptions vary from retailer to retailer, so please consult the applicable redemption terms and conditions on the relevant retailer’s gift card information page.

We don’t accept any liability for original gift cards that are lost or damaged. However, if you received your gift card by e-mail, we can send out the e-mail again. 

Please use the contact form for this.

No, it’s not possible to redeem a gift card once it has passed its expiration date.

Unless there is something different written on your gift card, it will be valid for a period of three years, beginning on the date of issue. This is in line with legal specifications.

Gift cards:

Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged.


If you don’t like your reward, you can send it back to the returns address provided on the shipping label within 14 days of receiving the reward. If it is defective, you have two years to return the product. Please be aware that it will take about two to three weeks for you to receive a notification after sending back your reward.

You receive a credit or new gift card from the specific vendor.

Please contact the vendor’s customer service department for information.


You can check the redemption status of your MovieChoice online gift card here.

You can find participating theaters here.

Please use our contact form to tell us the theater you tried to redeem your gift card at and the date on which you tried this. Please also tell us the reason the theater gave you when they rejected your gift card.

MovieChoice is usually valid for three years from the date of issue and then until the end of that year. Every gift card has its expiration date written on it.

No, it’s not possible to redeem a gift card once it has passed its expiration date.

No, it’s not possible to redeem a MovieChoice MovieGiftCard for cash.

Please feel free to contact us through our contact form.


You might be able to find the answer to your question in the general FAQs. If not, then contact us using the contact form.

If you have questions about ordering rewards through PAYBACK, please contact PAYBACK’s customer service department directly.

If you have sent a message and want it to be received by PAYBACK’s customer service department, we ask that you send this message again using only this contact form:

Only PAYBACK’s customer service department has access to your customer account. To comply with data protection regulations and maintain security, you are required to log onto your points account at If you don’t know your customer number anymore or if you can’t log onto, please call the PAYBACK service center at +49-89-540-20-80-20 (German landline; cellular costs may vary).

When you call this number on business days (Monday through Saturday) between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., you will reach a customer service employee who will be happy to help solve your concern.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


Please fill out the returns label enclosed with your delivery and send the defective bonus product back to us using the address below. If you don’t have the returns label anymore, contact our customer service team.


cadooz rewards GmbH

c/o PVS Verlags-Service GmbH

Boschstr. 2

68753 Waghäusel


Please contact our customer service team through our contact form.

If you don’t like your reward, you can send it back to the returns address provided on the shipping label within 14 days of receiving the reward. Please be aware that it will take about two to three weeks for you to receive a notification after sending back your reward.

If you have technical questions about your bonus, please contact the relevant issuer.