Customer Retention

Do you want to thank long-term customers for their loyalty, motivate new customers to stick around, or convince former customers of your services again?

We can offer you successful measures for ensuring consistent customer satisfaction, or help you develop targeted, professional strategies for winning back customers.

Boosting Customer Retention Through Incentives With cadooz

A main focus of every marketer is to develop long term relationships with their customers. For this reason it is effective to create positive associations with your brand and implied added value through attractive rewards. Our experience shows that using the right reward system positively contributes to long-term customer retention.

Say thank you – there are lots of ways to do:

  • As a thank-you for long-term loyalty
  • Rewards programs and customer clubs for loyal regulars
  • Refer a friend schemes
  • Perks for repeat orders
  • Participation in customer surveys
  • Loyalty bonuses for special occasions (Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc.)


Winning Back Customers: When Former Customers Become Customers Again

Just as important as customer retention is the reactivation of dissatisfied former customers. Former customers also offer high revenue potential that many companies simply fail to leverage. By taking into consideration the reasons why they moved away from your company, cadooz can help you choose the right strategy to win your customers back. Together, we’ll find the right solution from our portfolio of rewards to convince your target group of your company and services again.

Seize the opportunity and target former customers:

    • Exclusive customer clubs and rewards programs for regulars
    • Attractive rewards in complaints management for de-escalation
    • Welcome back rewards for returnees
    • A thank-you for loyal followers

    Our Service

    • Use our rewards as a gift to your customers and a way of regaining those who have left, at short notice and with a small budget.
    • We recommend the right products for your target group, intended purpose and budget. If you wish, we can provide you with images and text for your advertising.
    • We can also provide you with your own gift card/rewards shop so that you can offer your customers a wider choice of products. Your customers can select the gift card/item they want from a range of rewards using a code that corresponds to their value level.
    • Individual designs for packaging slips and gift cards are always available on request.
    • Fulfillment in sealed batches to your address or to the end recipient in your name, together with the appropriate after-sales service.

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