cadooz IPS

cadooz IPS – the incentive program of the new generation. As a digital one-stop solution for rewards program participants it offers you, the program manager, complete flexibility in terms of development, design and management. cadooz IPS is an innovative approach to encouraging commitment in those taking part. Your participants, clients or employees, can earn points in a fun and interactive way and redeem them for attractive national and international brand & event rewards. 

Your Benefits

  • Collect & redeem points - all in one incentive platform
  • Modular and easy to configure 
  • Simple integration, program control and user management
  • Interactive and fun
  • Can be used in Germany and abroad
  • Digital & physical rewards or events in a shop
  • 24/7 reporting
  • Personal and technical support by cadooz


Collect Points

In the "Earn" area, your participants can have fun earning points - for example in the context of sales contests, competitions, ideas management or training sessions. Whatever campaign you choose for your participants, make sure it's as fun and interactive as possible. Through the use of gamification elements, you can increase motivation to get involved and keep up interest in long-term measures. 

Use cadooz IPS for:

Customers recruiting customers

Easily and effortlessly: Let your customers advertise for your buisness or your product, and thank them with high quality rewards, gift cards or events from the cadooz IPS Shop.

Training sessions

Made easy: Store important training documents centrally, upload explanatory videos or conduct webinars. Rewards from the cadooz IPS Shop can be used as an incentive to participate in the training program.


Hold a competition at the point of sale and process this through cadooz IPS. With attractive instant prizes, you can motivate your customers to engage with your company, buy your product and participate in competitions.

Redeem Points

For the redemption of points, we will integrate a shop in your incentive program's "Burn" area that showcases our attractive portfolio of event and experience rewards, digital and physical gift cards, and national and international brand rewards. cadooz takes care of all handling, including purchasing of rewards, fulfilment and logistics.