Our Corporate Culture

An ability to work in a team and take individual responsibility, customer focus, a desire for change – these are all ideal attributes for finding success with us. We work with a focus on goals, we share our knowledge, and we support one another. We are always curious and open to change, and every day we have the courage to make mistakes. This guarantees us maximum flexibility, performance, and customer focus without ever losing sight of the big picture. We make our work and workplaces flexible and we digitalize our processes and tools. We make our missions successful thanks to our company-wide transparency and by simplifying the way we work together and communicate.


Our Culture Booklet

Our Culture Booklet tells you more about how we work and collaborate at cadooz

Our office

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What Our People Are Saying

Sabah - Java Developer

The nicest moment you’ve had at cadooz:

I joined cadooz on my birthday and my team leader made something special out of it by gathering all the team members around me to wish me a happy birthday.

Why do you like working here?

There are new challenges for us every day. The most important part is that I don’t have to solve them by myself. We work as a team to find a solution together. It’s not only my department that has this spirit. The entire company is like this.

Describe your work at cadooz in 3 words:


Henrieke - Accounting

Why is your team special?

You can rely on everyone!

Your department specializes in...

We are people who look at problems that nobody even knows exist and we fix them in a way that nobody understands.

Your motto? 

A smile makes you beautiful. 

Julia - Customer Care

What do you enjoy about working at cadooz?

The work never stops and there’s never time to get bored. It’s fun being a part of it and contributing ideas. The cohesion between everyone here is also something that should be heavily emphasized.

When did you start working with us?

September 1, 2009.

The nicest moment you’ve had at cadooz: 

There isn’t one single nicest moment, but rather a lot of small moments that were nice. Moments where we laughed together, celebrated, successfully completed projects together, and had fun at work. 


For the sake of simplicity, we use the term “employee” to refer to both male and female members of staff. This is not a matter of discrimination. The term always applies to both genders, of course.