B2B Sales Promotion – Trade Marketing

When manufacturers and traders pull together, both sides profit equally. The decisive factor for a good manufacturer/trader relationship is a high degree of motivation behind sales. Using the right tools, you can increase sales and the perception of your brand within your company’s retail and trade marketing by increasing the motivation of your sales partners.

We’ll gladly support you in finding the right lever to motivate sales employees, market traders, field staff or distributors. As a sales promotion specialist, cadooz offers you various tools for B2B sales promotion. We’re at your side through the entire process, from the beginning of planning to the actual implementation. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of sales promotion.

Traditional areas of application for B2B sales promotion include:

Use of Incentives for the Efficient Management of Sales

The decisive factor for motivating your sales representatives, field staff and retail partners is to recognize their achievements. External partners also want to feel appreciated for their efforts as do your own employees. Attractive incentives motivate sellers in retail or in your own sales outlets to focus on your company’s products during sales talks and favor advertising your products. The integration of a reward system enables attractive incentives to act as an effective motivator. Your company profits from increased sales and your seller’s efforts are recognized with attractive rewards. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for both sides.

Motivate your service providers, employees and field staff with attractive rewards to boost their commitment to sales. Manage your sales and branch competition together with cadooz and take advantage of our know-how in the process.

Promote B2B Sales by Standing Out From the Competition

The relationship between the manufacturer and trader is extremely important for selling products, but so is having certain features to distinguish yourself from the competition. Create incentives and support your retail partner to stand out from competitive brands, department stores and sales outlets. The additional use of gift cards and rewards will allow you to increase your brand awareness and motivation to place your products in the spotlight at the point-of-sale. Sustainably strengthen your relationship with your retail partners using the right solution from cadooz.

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Attractive incentives for your retail partners as well as the provision of additional rewards at the POS can be key to selling your products. Contact us – we’ll develop the right solution for you!