cadooz was established over 20 years ago and has since developed into the leading provider of gift cards, bonuses, and incentives. A review of our origins, a description of our development to the present day, and a perspective on the future can be found here:

Started with gift cards to attract subscribers
Since it was founded in 2000, cadooz has enjoyed unparalleled business success. The Hamburg-based company started with gift cards to attract subscribers in cooperation with some of the large newspaper publishers.

cadooz GmbH extended its product portfolio to include universal shopping (BestChoice), gas (DriversChoice), cinema (MovieChoice) gift cards, and reward points solutions.
Innovations were introduced and the product range steadily grew.

In June 2006, Palamon Capital Partners, L.P., an independent British investment company, became the main shareholder of cadooz. With the acquisition of the experience provider yamando as a 100 percent subsidiary in October 2008 and the associated integration of experience gift cads (ExperienceChoice), business customers could be provided with emotional incentives for employees, customers and partners.

cadooz rewards GmbH made cadooz the first full-service provider
In February 2011, a new company was added. Since then, cadooz rewards GmbH has complemented the range of services by handling the rewards business of PAYBACK, the largest European rewards program, in Germany and Poland. This addition makes cadooz the first full-service provider for gift cards, rewards, experiences and incentives in Germany.

Since September 2011, cadooz has been working under the umbrella of the leading service provider in electronic payment transactions in the world, the US company Euronet Worldwide. Euronet Worldwide provides solutions for payment and transaction processing to financial institutions, cell phone providers and retailers. cadooz will be extending its wide range of gift card solutions and incentive systems substantially in the end-customer segment and internationally, and will be working with the Euronet subsidiary Transact, the leading service provider for prepaid top-ups for cell phone credit and gift cards.