Rewards Programs & Customer Clubs

Measures for retaining customers, employees, and business partners have become indispensable in modern business life. No matter the industry or size of company, it’s become essential on the fiercely competitive market to maintain all business relationships over the long term and continuously improve them. One effective measure is the introduction of rewards programs and customer clubs.

cadooz IPS

With cadooz IPS, you can secure the loyalty of your company’s customers, employees, and business partners in a fun, playful way. Points can be earned interactively, motivating your target group and encouraging them to get involved. The points they collect can be redeemed directly for attractive rewards.

cadooz Ace

cadooz Ace is primarily aimed at companies that want to boost their customers’ willingness to pay and loyalty through the use of an attractive benefits program. Health insurance companies, energy suppliers, banks, and insurance companies have already successfully leveraged this program to improve their customer retention levels.

It’s That Simple

Your participants can collect points in the “Earn” area as part of ideas management, sales competitions, or sweepstakes. They can then redeem these points via an integrated shop platform. Attractive prizes such as  gift cards, and rewards are awaiting participants. From purchasing the prizes through fulfillment, cadooz will implement and organize the whole process for you.

It’s That Simple

The cadooz Ace benefits world is available exclusively to you and your customers. Your customers benefit from attractive discounts and exclusive special offers from our top brands.
cadooz has developed a variety of modules for you, which you can combine as desired. The platform can be integrated quickly and easily – we’ll take care of the creation and implementation for you.

Our Modular Services

Modular Online Stores

  • Fast and easy integration of our online shop solutions in your system landscape
  • Layout in line with your CI
  • Modular selection of functions
  • Points administration
  • Range appropriate to target group
  • Secure payment module

Extensive Services

Range Specific to Your Target Group

  • Over 200 gift card partners and around 1,000 physical products
  • Continuous updates of the rewards range
  • Price levels available from €5 up, in €5 increments
  • Management of range of rewards appropriate to the target group
  • Professional image and text material
  • Individual article sourcing possible

Individual Customer Communication

  • Communication designed for your promotions and target groups
  • Individual communication:
    • Newsletter production and distribution
    • Preparation of communication materials to enclose with shipping
    • Customization of participant communications in the web shop

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