About cadooz

Our company structure is based on transparency, fixed contacts and clearly delineated responsibilities, which guarantees efficient collaboration, both within the company itself and externally with clients and partners.

cadooz is the leading full-service retailer of products and incentive solutions in Germany. We have been developing exciting, high-quality reward solutions for our customers for 20 years. With 100 staff members at the Hamburg and Munich locations, we generate sales of over €100 million. Our solutions are used to acquire new customers and for customer retention as well as for employee motivation. Well-known voucher brands such as BestChoice, DriversChoice and MovieChoice form the core of our solutions alongside the extensive range of rewards. Among other things, cadooz operates the PAYBACK reward shop, Germany’s largest reward program. Several business customers, from DAX companies to the smallest operation, rely on the expertise of cadooz. We are part of Euronet Worldwide. With the epay brand, Euronet markets digital and physical prepaid products worldwide.

cadooz rewards GmbH

cadooz rewards GmbH has been a part of cadooz and the operator of the largest rewards shop in Germany since February 2011. In addition to the rewards business of PAYBACK, the largest European customer service program in Germany, Austria and Poland, cadooz rewards manages the rewards business of many large customers across a number of industries including transport, logistics, financial services and the automotive industry. cadooz rewards GmbH services range from advice and conception to the selection of the rewards portfolio, the setting up of the organisational and technical infrastructure, the selection of the communication tools and logistical implementation.

cadooz as part of a strong group of companies

Euronet, epay & cadooz form the perfect combination of prepaid, payment & incentive solutions!

  • In September 2011, Euronet Worldwide, which is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, acquired cadooz GmbH. Euronet Worldwide, with its head office in Kansas, has 61 subsidiaries worldwide and services customers in around 160 countries. Under the umbrella of one of the world's leading electronic payment transactions providers, cadooz will work closely together with epay, the leading provider of prepaid top-up processes for mobile phone credits and gift vouchers. From 2006 to 2011, Palamon Capital Partners L.P., an independent British financial investment partnership, was a majority shareholder of cadooz. www.euronetworldwide.com

  • epay, a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc., is a global prepaid product provider and distribution network, enabling service providers to maximize the sales of their products and services. epay delivers innovative and tailored electronic payment, cash collection solutions including POS systems integration, a full settlement and reporting service and full marketing and distribution service support. The epay product portfolio includes prepaid mobile top-up, prepaid debit cards, e-wallets, gift cards, digital music and other content, lottery, bill payment and money transfer through its sister company Ria, and transport payment solutions including road tolls and public transport. epay delivers these products through a worldwide network of approximately 323,000 retailer locations across a number of markets including Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US. Visit www.epayworldwide.com for more information. www.epay.de