What does cadooz do?

cadooz has been an expert in national and international incentive solutions for over 20 years. Contact us: We always find the right integrated solution, tailor-made for your target group.

cadooz is a part of Euronet Worldwide. With the epay brand, Euronet markets digital and physical prepaid products worldwide. cadooz and epay form the ideal symbiosis of e-payment and incentive solutions.

cadooz rewards GmbH

cadooz rewards GmbH has been a part of cadooz and the operator of the largest rewards shop in Germany since February 2011. In addition to the rewards business of PAYBACK, the largest European customer service program in Germany, Austria and Poland, cadooz rewards manages the rewards business of many large customers across a number of industries including transport, logistics, financial services and the automotive industry. cadooz rewards GmbH services range from advice and conception to the selection of the rewards portfolio, the setting up of the organisational and technical infrastructure, the selection of the communication tools and logistical implementation.

cadooz as part of a strong group of companies

Euronet, epay & cadooz form the perfect combination of prepaid, payment & incentive solutions!