Questions about original gift cards

Questions about retailer gift cards from our retail partners

Once you have used the link to open the voucher code, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the green button marked “Show voucher code” 
  2. Close the page that then opens. This will take you back to the voucher code page. 
  3. In place of the green button, you will now see a PDF symbol. 
  4. Click on this symbol, and the eGift-Card will open for you to print.
  5. Print out the voucher by clicking on the printer symbol at the top right.

Since reforms to the law of obligations in 2002, gift cards normally expire three years after being issued. This is also specified in our terms and conditions. For technical reasons and due to tax law, it is not possible to renew vouchers.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

No, vouchers can no longer be redeemed once the validity period has expired.

Please refer to the specific retailer’s terms and conditions for details of any restrictions on this.

If you have ordered gift cards to be shipped by post (for restaurants, retail outlets etc.), you will normally receive them within five working days of placing your order.

The redemption conditions for retailer's vouchers are subject to the individual retailers’ terms and conditions. Cadooz GmbH has no influence over whether a gift card can or must be redeemed in partial amounts or in full. 

It is not technically possible for us to include these individual terms and conditions on our redemption site, as they are of course subject to change, and partner companies are not obliged to notify us of amendments.

For this reason, please direct your inquiries about redemption conditions to the relevant partners.

No, according to our terms and conditions, gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged!

We cannot accept any liability for lost or damaged retailer's gift cards.