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Wirecard situation

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, Wirecard AG opened insolvency proceedings at Munich District Court. Wirecard Card Solution Ltd. (“WDCS”), a subsidiary of Wirecard AG, is an e-money institution and issuer of many prepaid cards that are frequently used in conjunction with tax-free benefits. In the context of the application for insolvency by Wirecard AG, the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) temporarily suspended the business operations of WDCS from June 26 to June 30 , 2020 and blocked the WDCS accounts during this period for the protection of customer funds. After this period it was possible to use the cards again as usual; however, further insolvency-related developments on the part of Wirecard AG are not currently foreseeable.


€44 benefit situation

On November 7, 2019, the German federal parliament passed a bill related to benefits, which came into effect on January 1, 2020. Because of this change in the law, there is still significant uncertainty as to which cash cards can be used for the granting of benefits in the framework of the €44 exemption limit as of January 1, 2020.*



Each of your employees is an individual with their own needs and preferences, making it difficult to find something that will make them all happy.

We have developed the BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard to solve this problem. BestChoice credit can be redeemed in exchange for gift cards and branded items from over 150 attractive brands, based on the user’s preferences. 

Each of your employees is free to make their own choice. The diverse range from various theme segments offers something for everyone, from fashion and beauty to electronics and furniture, travel and sport, and entertainment and gastronomy.



We have put together a highly attractive range of advantages exclusively for new customers, for a short time only. It means you can also continue to incentivize your employees on a monthly basis – entirely quick and simple. The following three options are available with a face value of €20, €40 and €44:

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Coming soon: the reloadable BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard

We are currently working intensively on being able to also offer you a reloadable version of the BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard. So take the opportunity to test our existing product in advance entirely-risk-free, subject to special conditions!


As a leading expert in incentive marketing, we are well-versed in this area and are available to support you with our extensive expertise at any time. With innovative rewards environments, digital solutions, and our service offering, we are also specialists in employee motivation by means of incentives.

We bring brands and people together, and our network of over 500 gift card brands meets every employee and customer interest. Our goal is to maximize your employees’ motivation and satisfaction!


These and other customers are already successfully using our products to motivate their employees and increase employee loyalty:

*Please note that this selected information does not constitute individual tax advice and does not replace the advice of a tax consultant. In particular, the specific facts and individual circumstances must always be taken into account here, as well as further current aspects relevant to tax and social insurance that go beyond the income tax presentation.

**These advantages are intended exclusively for new customers, and only relate to the BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard in the employee design as well as the “Employees” main use purpose, and apply only for a short period of time.