Employee Gifts with Employee Gift Cards

Looking for a way to thank your employees or further motivate your team with incentives? Then why not opt for the solutions employee motivation from cadooz! We offer a wide and varied range of employee gifts and gift cards, from our BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard to our MovieChoice MovieGiftCard. Discover red-hot, customized incentives for your company!

Employee Benefits for Special Occasions

As an employer, you can also use the tax-free gift cards from cadooz to give your employees tax-free benefits in kind for special occasions. German law has now raised the maximum limit for such tax-free benefits to €60 per occasion (Guideline 19.6, Para. 1 of the German Wage Tax Guidelines (LStR)). This tax allowance is not to be understood as an annual amount; rather, it is a gift that may be given to your employees several times a year to mark personal occasions. Occasions for which you may show your employees your appreciation in this way must be personal occasions for the recipient in question and be a one-off or infrequent event.

Below are some examples of applicable occasions:

•    Birthday
•    Anniversary
•    Promotion
•    Retirement
•    Wedding or engagement
•    Birth or christening of a child

Retain Employees With Small Tokens of Your Appreciation

You work closely with your employees, and everyone needs to have confidence in each other’s work. But there’s often no time to make each and every employee feel like their work is valued. When handed over with a friendly word, gifts and employee gift cards give employees a boost in terms of job and workplace satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to your company.

Products That Can Be Used As Tax Benefits

The Benefits of cadooz Employee Gifts Cards for You

All our employee gifts and gift cards have already been used by a large number of companies in a wide range of sectors and have received nothing but positive feedback. The major benefit lies in the different levels of reward and the fact that the relevant employee gifts can be extensively personalized. Say thank you to your employees with a gift card or reward that they’ll be delighted to receive. Your employees can redeem our gift cards themselves in the rewards shop, with just a few simple clicks, or on a shopping trip. Show your team that you appreciate them – with employee gift cards from cadooz!

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