MovieChoice MovieGiftCard

The largest MovieGiftCard in Germany

The MovieChoice online MovieGiftCard is the emotional digital gift card reward for a spontaneous visit to the movies. It is sent by e-mail and can then be printed out and redeemed at the box office for a movie of the recipient’s choice in the top 5 theaters across Germany and many more.

Motivate your customers and employees with MovieChoice online 

MovieChoice online is one of our solutions for quickly incentivizing your customers and employees. You remain completely flexible because you only order the gift card when you need it. The gift card code is sent digitally, making the order process extremely straightforward: order the movie gift card, receive it by email, print the gift card, enjoy a visit to the movies!

  • 90% coverage of the relevant movie theater market
  • Directly redeemable with the big movie theater chains such as CinemaxX, Cineplex, UCI and Kinopolis and a multitude of well-known regional movie theaters
  • All surcharges for box seats, extra legroom and weekends are included for 2D movies
  • For spontaneous trips to the movies: Quicker shipment via e-mail, can be printed out at any time
  • Always available: No handling, storage or shipping costs
  • Can be used for all target groups
  • Can be employed as a marketing tool: Imprinted with your corporate logo on request
  • Perfect as a gift: The gift card does not have a face value
  • Can be used as a tax incentive perk

What makes the MovieChoice online MovieGiftCard so popular?

The variety makes the key difference. MovieChoice online can be redeemed at the top five movie theaters across Germany. These include the major chains, such as Cinestar, Cineplex, CinemaxX, UCI, and Kinopolis. Numerous screens are waiting for gift-card recipients to discover them.
The movie gift card is redeemable immediately at the box office. Surcharges for extra-long movies and premium seats are, of course, included in the price.
MovieChoice online is available online at any time. So you won't have any costs for storage or anything similar. Make life easier for your accounts department and simply order the practical incentive from cadooz.

What target group is the MovieChoice online MovieGiftCard suitable for?

There is no predefined target group because the recipient simply chooses the movie themselves. So you can give MovieChoice online as a gift for any occasion. Incidentally, the gift card's value can't be seen on the card, which makes it even more suitable for use as a gift.

Why not use MovieChoice online as a marketing tool? With just a few clicks, you can individualize the gift cards with your logo. You can then simply use them as an incentive for customer acquisition and retention.

Tax benefits with MovieChoice online

After giving the movie gift card to your employees, you can have it entered in your accounts as a tax-free non-cash benefit. This means you can reward your team for particularly good performance and at the same time save tax and social security contributions. That's how simple cadooz's solutions are.

Would you prefer to give a physical gift card? The MovieChoice MovieGiftCard is also available in paper form on request.

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