Fulfillment & logistics


cadooz is not only ahead of the game when it comes to warehousing, scheduling and order processing. 

We can also provide you with professional shipping logistics so that all rewards arrive as they should. With individualized packaging slips in your design and shipping inserts, you have the opportunity to customize your customer shipments as you wish. Find out about our range of services for yourself.


Shipping Service

Central warehousing, professional order processing, shipping to end customers or in batches, digitally or by post? We will get your reward to its recipient exactly as you wish.

The benefits of our expertise – all for you

Our problem-free fulfillment guarantees satisfaction for your target group beyond the end of your campaign. With our wide-ranging product portfolio, the recipient will associate the successful campaign with your company for a long time to come.

    • Permanent forecasting, scheduling and stock-keeping of over 1,000 items
    • Various versions of automatic order data processing, verification of availability and stock transmission
    • Provision of tracking information
    • Storage and provision of consignment products, inserts and catalogs
    • Packing (e.g. set formation, display filling, labelling, etc).
    • Various versions of customer communication tailored to the CI
    • Standardized processing of returns
    • Quality management
      • Accumulated shipping to the destination address or directly to the end recipient
      • Package and packaging optimization
      • Insured shipping via DHL (value-dependent)
      • Provision of tracking information for end customers
      • Standard and express shipping with all common shipping providers
      • Order specific status notifications (confirmation of shipping and receipt of return, etc.) for end customers
      • Global end customers and POS logistics
      • Shipping of bulky goods and shipments
      • High-quality and sustainable packaging materials
      • Numerous value-added services: set-up service, collection service, and much more