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employee appreciation day

Have you heard of Employee Appreciation Day before? This day is celebrated in America on the first friday in March and is dedicated to appreciation in the workplace. Why should German employees and management staff mark this date on their calendars, too? It’s quite simple: employee appreciation is essential to employee motivation. 

On this page, we’ll show you the advantages of appreciation in the workplace and what you can specifically do in this area. And not just on this particular day of the year.

More appreciation = more motivation

Respectful cooperation is essential for all human relationships, be they professional or personal. Studies show that people develop a strong sense of motivation when they regularly receive positive feedback for their performance. This is especially true in the workplace. Sincere individual recognition and appreciation from the boss through small gestures, kind words, and even gifts can work wonders for employee motivation. It increases employee satisfaction, which in turn leads to higher motivation and productivity, laying the foundation for successful teamwork.

These are all good reasons to give Employee Appreciation Day more consideration in Germany. For employers, it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss whether the employees in their company get enough meaningful recognition.

What recognition looks like—and what it’s not

There are a variety of ways to show recognition and appreciation. An approving nod, a friendly smile, praise for excellent performance, and a sincere “thank you” are all small gestures that can have a huge impact. When employees get regular recognition in the workplace, it creates a pleasant work environment to the benefit of everyone in the company. This isn’t just crucial to performance; appreciation means having a fundamental positive attitude towards others. It’s shown through friendliness, attentiveness, and respect.

One major, often undervalued aspect is appreciative language. This means that you should avoid putting too many negative messages and judgments in your speech or even in written communication. A common mistake is to criticize the person instead of their actions. It helps to separate the action from the person, provide understandable and rational reasons for the criticism, suggest alternatives, and ask follow-up questions (ex: “What will you do differently next time?”). And of course, you should always use a courteous and respectful tone.

How to show your employees appreciation

  • Sincerity: Transparent communication not only helps to cut down on rumors and the office grapevine, it also fosters mutual trust.
  • Praise: A successfully completed project or a smart idea should be commended—and better yet, in front of others.
  • Individual gifts: A bonus that comes from the heart and is given on a special occasion will create a lasting positive memory.
  • Asking for advice: Employees feel valued when their skills are sought.
  • Gifts of time: Set aside special time for individual employees, such as by eating a lunch together.
  • Saying thank you: It’s beneficial to have a culture of gratitude, including towards those who work in the background.
  • Giving responsibility: If an employee has proven themselves especially capable, give them a position of responsibility when the opportunity comes up, such as leading a project.
  • Well-founded feedback: The more precisely your praise is worded, the better. You should not exaggerate or downplay your assessment of their performance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Employee retention: Employees develop and strengthen their loyalty to your company.
  • Higher motivation: Employee recognition helps to strengthen your staff’s dedication.
  • Pleasant work environment: When employees feel valued, this will have an automatic positive effect on the work atmosphere.
  • Fewer absences: Satisfied employees miss work less often.
  • Increased creativity: Your employees have more incentive to cultivate their ideas and develop solutions to problems.

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When employees receive recognition from management, it fosters lasting well-being in the workplace, which in turn creates a positive work atmosphere. Employee motivation is significantly increased, and with it, greater productivity is achieved. Therefore, company communication based on appreciation is a win for everyone. Even small gestures can make employees feel more appreciated. Gifts such as tax-exempt employee vouchers are a practical measure.

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