A question about my MovieChoice online MovieGiftCard

All MovieChoice MovieGiftCards that are still valid and expire after 3 years on 12/31/2020 can be exchanged for a new MovieChoice MovieGiftCard with a new validity period until 12/31/2021.


To do so, please proceed as follows:


1. Write to us using the following contact form and enter the number of gift cards as well as the serial numbers of the gift cards you would like to exchange.




2. If you have a paper gift card(s) with a detachable coupon on the side, please return it/they to us in its/their entirety (the main part must not be separated from the secondary part) to the following address:


cadooz GmbH

Exchange MC

Osterbekstrasse 90b

22083 Hamburg


For the exchange of paper gift cards, both - the submitted contact form and the return of the original gift card - are required.


For all gift cards and contact forms sent in by 01/31/2021, we will send the new MovieChoice MovieGiftCards to the e-mail addresses provided in the contact form by 02/28/2021.