Questions about BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCards

Questions about BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCards

A BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCard is generally valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Since reforms to the law of obligations in 2002, gift cards normally expire three years after being issued. This is also specified in our terms and conditions. For technical reasons and due to tax law, it is not possible to renew gift cards. We apologize for any inconvenience.

No, gift cards can no longer be redeemed once the validity period has expired.

Your BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCard will only be redeemed once your order is complete and you have received an order number.

Enter the website shown on the gift card (e.g. or similar) in the address bar of your browser.

Use the drop-down field at the top right of the page to change from product recommendations to an alphabetic listing.

Yes. For example, if you have a EUR 50 BestChoice or DriversChoice voucher to redeem, you can choose to place an initial order for EUR 30.

If you have redeemed four BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCards with a total value of EUR 200, for example, but have only placed an order totaling EUR 180, you will be left with EUR 20 of remaining credit.

Yes, BestChoice and DriversChoice GiftCards offer you an extremely wide choice.

Yes, you can. Simply enter the BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCard codes one after the other. However, BestChoice GiftCards and DriversChoice GiftCards cannot be mixed.

In this case, you can pay the difference at the end of the order process, after entering your address. You can do so by credit card, Sofortü or an advance bank transfer.

No, a BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCard cannot be redeemed directly in our partner stores or on partner websites.

If you have ordered gift cards to be shipped by post (for restaurants, retail outlets etc.), you will normally receive them within five working days of placing your order.

No, according to our terms and conditions, gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged!

In this case, please contact the bonus awarder from whom you received your BestChoice or DriversChoice GiftCard.

No, BestChoice or DriversChoice credit cannot be exchanged for cash.