cadoozCard BC

Are you looking for an attractive solution for employee motivation and customer retention? As a monthly bonus, 44 euro benefit, reward, birthday gift, or a gift for any other occasion, the cadoozCard BC is the perfect way to boost employee satisfaction and customer retention at your company.

A selection of participating brands

This is the cadoozCard BC

One card, many opportunities

The cadoozCard BC is a rechargeable card that can be redeemed for gift cards and items from attractive brands. The minimum order volume is just 20 cards.

Manage your card more flexibly than ever

You can easily charge your card in increments of 5 euros at intervals of your choosing using a list upload. We don’t charge any ongoing fees!

Redeeming your credit has never been easier

In the redemption shop, you can redeem your card’s credit for gift cards for attractive brands like Zalando, Douglas, IKEA, Otto, Rossmann, and many more.

Just how you want it

You can also feature your own logo on the card. This way company loyalty will be evident with every redemption.

Employee Motivation

As a monthly bonus, reward, or a gift for a special occasion, you can use our cadoozCard BC to boost the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees. This attractive bonus is a charming way to keep your company on your employees’ minds.

Customer retention

The perfect premium! As a customer card, shopping bonus, or end-of-the-month commission for retailers, this card can be used individually and flexibly to make every target group happy.


Employee retention

Learn more about winning over and retaining new employees at your company with attractive employee benefits.

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