Rewards for Your Corporate Customers and Employees

cadooz supplies and supports the most successful rewards programs in Germany with its rewards and gift cards. As one of the largest providers of rewards, we not only have a stock of more than 1,000 different, current rewards, but also excellent purchasing conditions for more than 200 manufacturers of brand-name products. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we are always in a position to put together an attractive, custom selection of rewards for our customers’ target groups. We send out more than 2 million rewards every year.

Treat your customers, business partners and employees with high-value rewards from our strong brand portfolio. We will be happy to work with you to develop the right product portfolios or exclusive products.

The Key Benefits to You

  • Looks expensive

    Looks much more expensive than the actual purchase price

  • Individual use

    Rewards for all areas of application, target groups and price levels

  • Fun and enjoyment

    Rewards always serve to remind recipients of their performance and spread good cheer

  • Valuable trophy

    A reward is like a trophy, which its holder enjoys showing off

  • Sustainable motivation

    Attention and motivation are maintained over long periods of time

  • A special bonus

    A reward is not a fixed part of a person’s income – it is something special

Different product categories for every occasion - rewards from cadooz

Discover our extensive world of products!
In order to be able to perfectly tailor your rewards to the season or occasion, we offer a wide selection of rewards that are categorized according to the following criteria:

Our Service

  • Continuous trend scouting & sourcing
  • Individual advice on product ranges and campaigns
  • Complete purchasing, warehousing and scheduling service
  • Creation of promotional material in your corporate design
  • Creation of customized online rewards shop
  • Complete fulfillment including follow-up management, returns management and processing
  • Provision of 1st/2nd level support available on request
  • Claims management

cadooz - The Perfect Partner for Your Rewards

To keep our product range up-to-date and loaded with current and new products, we are always scouting and sourcing new trends. In addition to the actual selection of the rewards, we also offer advice concerning promotional campaigns. This way, you can get even more out of your incentive campaign.

cadooz will take care of purchasing, warehousing and scheduling for you. As soon as a reward is to be sent, everything will occur fully automatically for you. In order to achieve the widest possible reach for your incentive campaign, we can brand your promotional material with your company logo on request. Then we can plan your customized rewards shop, which will be integrated into your existing system. This process is done with your corporate design in mind.

We will carry out the management and supply of your rewards for you. It couldn’t be easier to reward employees, customers, new customers and business partners.

Contact Us

We would be pleased to help you with the entire design and selection of your rewards. Our team is specialized in coming up with the perfect incentives for you and then sending them to the respective recipient if necessary.

If you have any questions regarding our rewards or the whole process, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our employees will immediately tend to your inquiry and send you an offer accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you.