The directly redeemable ShoppingGiftCard - the equivalent to cash

Uniquely practical: The DirectChoice GiftCard can be redeemed at over 45 partners in over 7,000 stores. Your customer can use DirectChoice like cash and does not have to provide a name or address at any point.

You can choose from the following gift card values: 5 euros, 8 euros, 10 euros and 20 euros.

Our Services

  • Directly redeemable at over 45 partners and more than 7,000 branches
  • Versatile choice of redemption at Douglas, Galeria Kaufhof, A.T.U., C&A, Foot Locker, for example
  • Available in values of 5 euros, 8 euros, 10 euros and 20 euros
  • Anonymous - no registration necessary
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Can be used as a marketing tool: upon request, emblazoned with your company logo
  • Gift card in paper form with security features (secure against forgery)

Selection of shopping partners: