Overview of the cadoozCards

The cadoozCard is the perfect solution to employee motivation. It’s a pre-paid card that can be topped up—and those who are lucky enough to receive one will remember you for a long time to come. Accepted in up to 750,000 outlets, the cadoozCard plus Maestro®Card* offers the greatest selection and total flexibility for shopping—no matter where. At discount stores, service stations, in retail or for online shopping.

Key Factors

Praise, recognition and reward are among the key factors in employee motivation and loyalty. Exploit the benefits of the cadoozCard by fulfilling the individual needs of your employees.

Managing and Using cadoozCards

cadoozCard Office

Our online portal enables you as an employer or HR representative to manage your cadoozCards yourself at any time you wish. This is especially useful if you have a large number of cards, helping you to maintain an overview and enabling you to charge, activate and deactivate the cards (collectively if necessary), manage employee data, and much more.

Portal for Card Holders

Our portal for card holders provides users with a clear overview of their credits and expenses. Of course, they can also request information on their credit by telephone or SMS. Card holders can also use the portal to buy vouchers, check their account movements, block their card, and avail of a range of other services.

Contact Us

We would be happy to create an individual campaign for you and show you all of the incentive opportunities our cadoozCards offer.