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cadooz Ace

Would you like to set yourself apart from your competition and win over customers to you and your services for the long term? If so, offer them an exclusive benefit that is only available to a select customer group.

cadooz Ace is aimed at companies that wish to acquire new customers, improve customer loyalty through an attractive benefit program, and consolidate this loyalty on a lasting basis. You can now address your customers on an even more personalized, more emotional level than before with our advantage club, which can be easily integrated into your website or online portal.

Your Benefits

  • Customer acquisition: young, digital-minded target group with high purchase power
  • Strong customer retention and satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Full 360° service: cadooz sources the brands with an eye towards your target group, negotiates exclusive offers for you, and handles payment processes
  • Featured offers: permanent and attractive product range configuration
  • Simple platform integration and quick implementation
  • Branding in your corporate design

We've Asked the Customer!

We have surveyed over 2,000 of your potential customers and gained intriguing insights into customer behavior to find out what effect an advantage club has on selecting a provider. The results show that 51% of respondents would pick the provider with an advantage club if they had to choose between two providers with an identical range. 45% would also even consider changing provider just because of an advantage club, even though they are perfectly happy with their current provider and conditions are otherwise identical. After examining details on current use of an advantage club, it also becomes clear that only 6% of respondents currently use an advantage club. If we compare the great willingness to select and change to a provider with a currently underused advantage club, it becomes apparent how much potential an advantage club offers you for customer acquisition and retention.

Tapping Potential

We'll gladly help you to set up your own advantage club as our large network of over 500 brands worldwide enable us to offer your customers attractive discounts on renowned brand gift cards. Our survey also revealed that customers value this as the most attractive offer.*

*Online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH on behalf of cadooz GmbH 2018

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Our Brands & Offers in the Advantage Club

Selections of our brands:

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Do you want to find out more about the competitive edge an advantage club offers? Get in touch with us for your personal advantage club consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!