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The digital redemption site for AG, on which points can be exchanged for attractive rewards, meets up-to-date requirements and offers a modern customer experience 

cadooz, an incentives specialist and business unit of epay, a leading full-service provider of payment and prepaid solutions in Europe, has created the new online rewards shop for AG, one of the most popular rewards programs in Switzerland. Every time a user makes a purchase with their Visa credit card, they earn valuable reward points. These reward points can either be converted into a credit towards their statement or be redeemed for attractive rewards. As a digital incentive specialist, cadooz has completely relaunched the online rewards shop. Among the respective websites of Visa Bonus Card and Visa LibertyCard customers, a rewards shop is now available which satisfies up-to-date demands for security and convenience as well as offering a modern user experience.    

In developing the new rewards shop for the Swiss AG, the German-based incentive specialist cadooz has implemented a leading digital incentive solution and gained another important customer in Europe. “With this step, we are continuing our international growth path. The rewards shop for AG delivers a front end experience for the perfect customer journey and coupled at the back end with efficient processes and seamless integration,” explains Stefan Grimm, managing director of cadooz.

The challenge of integrating the shop into the existing system

Particularly challenging was the integration of the redemption shop into the existing rewards program system, as well as the implementation of a number of interfaces, including one for loading points. A flexible redemption system was also developed, since the cards are available in different forms (Visa Bonus Card Classic, Gold and Exclusive, LibertyCard and LibertyCard plus). The shop had to be able to display different rewards for the different credit cards. Since the new rewards shop went live in March 2019, a significant increase in rewards collected has been registered – an indication that users are impressed by the convenience and usability of the digital shop.

“By introducing this new, state-of-the-art rewards shop, we are bringing our rewards program a qualitative step forward and offering our customers and partners a modern e-commerce platform which meets our user experience requirements,” explains Max Nunziata, CEO of

The BonusCard is one of the most popular rewards programs in Switzerland. Around every 50th resident uses the versatile services of this credit card. Consumers pay by cell phone and at the contactless terminal, can use the credit card abroad, and also use numerous insurance services. BonusCard customers collect reward points every time they use the card, too, and can collect particularly large numbers of points at certain stationary and online retailers.

With “BestChoice Entertainment”, cadooz offers digital entertainment exclusively with Google Play for customer and employee incentives 

The new partnership between the specialist for incentive and gift card solutions cadooz and Google Play rounds out the existing cooperation with the leading entertainment providers and is the basis for a special, new pan-European universal gift card solution. With “BestChoice Entertainment”, cadooz is now presenting – exclusively with Google Play – an innovative product that offers comprehensive digital entertainment content for smartphone users. The new gift card is an all-in-one package that includes apps, games, music, e-books, movies, series, digital magazines, and much more. Even the digital MovieChoice MovieGiftCard with over 250 cinema partners has been integrated.

First universal entertainment gift card for the smartphone user growth market

Thanks to its wide and customizable entertainment offer, the new universal gift card is suitable for different target groups. “Our exclusive new BestChoice Entertainment product enables our customers to create their premium programs in one of the most relevant and fastest growing environments,” explains Stefan Grimm, Managing Director of cadooz. “The connection between entertainment and smartphones is a central part of the mobile generation’s media usage behavior,” continues Stefan Grimm. The gift cards can be tailored to customer’s corporate design and selected according to target group, topic, occasion, and place of use. Any values can also be specified: from EUR 5 in EUR 5 increments. The gift card is available digitally and even physically on request (as a PDF document or in the paper and card format).

Easy handling via the new 24-hour online order portal “cadooz Incentive Mall”

The cadooz Incentive Mall offers an overview of the complete incentive gift card product portfolio by cadooz 24/7 – now including the new “BestChoice Entertainment” gift card – from which customers can quickly and easily select, order, and manage their desired incentive solution. And it only takes a few clicks: Business customers specify their desired gift card for customers and employees in a few steps, determine the gift card value, activate and customize it. It is also possible to place direct replenishment orders via the portal. Further information on the cadooz Incentive Mall at:

Now Miles & More Members Can Earn Miles When They Purchase Gift Cards – in the New “A Gift Card for you” Gift Card Shop

At first they could redeem miles, now Miles & More members can also earn miles: A wide range of digital gift cards from over 30 retailers with numerous points of acceptance

Incentive solutions specialist cadooz is extending its cooperation with Europe’s leading frequent flyer and rewards program, Miles & More. As a Miles & More partner, cadooz has set up the new online shop “A Gift Card for you – powered by cadooz”, in which Miles & More members can now earn miles whenever they purchase gift cards as gifts. For each euro they spend, Miles & More members will be credited one bonus mile.

The new cadooz shop will initially be offering gift cards for order for over 30 popular brands and stores, including retailers such as Otto and Tchibo and online music, games, and entertainment stores such as Stage Entertainment and Eventim as well as the online fashion store Zalando. The gift cards can be redeemed with over 10,400 retailers at numerous points of acceptance across Germany, either directly in-store or quickly and easily online.

The cooperation between cadooz and Miles & More dates back to 2014, with gift cards for redeeming bonus miles available from Miles & More from the very start. Now, for the first time ever, miles can also be earned: In the new online shop, anyone with a valid Miles & More service card number will be credited miles when they purchase gift cards in various denominations.

“Our new online shop, which now also offers mile credits with the purchases of digital gift cards, perfectly rounds out our portfolio,” explained Nicolas Brackmann, Director Key Account Management at Miles & More GmbH. “In cadooz, we have a partner who’s able to offer a one-stop service, from the conception, design, and programming of the online shop all the way through to the individual provision of services, and who thereby satisfies our high quality standards,” said Brackmann of the extended cooperation.

“We're delighted about our extended cooperation with Miles & More. Digital gift cards are a particularly popular, much sought-after gift,” said Stefan Grimm, Managing Director of cadooz.

Incentive for Tax-Free Benefits in Kind for Employee Retention With cadoozCard Office 

New digital management solution makes gift cards attractive for SMEs too

With its new digital platform cadoozCard Office, incentive solutions specialist cadooz is providing companies with an extremely easy way to manage tax-free benefits in kind, in the form of reloadable gift cards in their corporate design. Employers can leverage the new cadoozCard Office to manage cards online cost-effectively, flexibly, and easily. Loading, reordering, updating, or deactivating cards – all these processes can now be carried out in just a few clicks and, for the very first time, in just one system.

Growing demand for unique employee retention tools

With one million vacant jobs in Germany, an increasing shortage of qualified employees, and the ongoing positive economic development, the German labor market has become a “seller’s market” for jobseekers and those employed who are looking to change their job. “The paradigm shift in the labor market is increasing the pressure on companies to pay greater attention to employee satisfaction,” explained cadooz Managing Director, Stefan Grimm. “Unique incentives are becoming more important as part of the mix of measures used by companies to retain and motivate good employees,” continued Grimm.

Rising demand for tax-advantaged benefits

cadooz is experiencing a rising demand for unique employee incentive products and services, and sees particular potential in tax-advantaged solutions. “The use of tax-free benefits in kind with employer gift cards in a credit card format combines particularly relevant benefits for employers,” said Grimm. “The cadoozCard in the employer’s corporate design is generally carried in the wallet and acts as a positive reminder for employees of their employer outside the workplace,” explained Grimm. “Thanks to its visibility, the card – which can be used in a wide range of online and offline stores in a wide variety of areas of daily life – is also a great talking point for friends and acquaintances, and thereby has a positive impact on employer branding,” he went on to say. The cadooz gift cards can be used for a wide range of retailers at over 750,000 points of acceptance: from gas stations and supermarkets to online cosmetics or electronics shops.
Last but not least, tax-advantaged benefits in kind are also cost-effective incentives. “The simple one-stop solution minimizes administrative outlay and maximizes efficiency,” said Grimm.

Simple online management reduces barriers for SMEs

With the new cadoozCard Office, employers can easily and clearly manage all their employees in one single system. The digital platform facilitates fast order processing with an order overview and history for each employee and simple card loading. A standing order is set up in the portal for loading the cadoozCard plus credit card. The relevant amounts are then debited directly, and the cards automatically reloaded every month.

“With this significant reduction in administrative outlay, we see great potential for growth in gift card solutions, especially for SMEs,” concluded Grimm.

The new cadoozCard Office is part of cadooz’s comprehensive digitalization strategy, which optimizes processes and benefits for customer and employee retention incentives for companies in all sectors using the latest technologies.

With its modular platform solution cadooz IPS, cadooz, the Hamburg-based market leader for incentive solutions, has set a new milestone: With cadooz IPS, sales promotions can be carried out as effortlessly as complex loyalty programs. The platform analyzes in real time the ongoing campaign performance and provides valuable insights into participant behavior.

cadooz IPS combines preferences of rewards program users and the very latest in technology. The basis for this new solution was the analysis of key findings from the company’s daily work with its over 3,000 customers, in conjunction with a recent market survey.

cadooz IPS is a digital one-stop solution for rewards program participants that can be quickly and easily customized and configured. Customers or employees can collect and earn points by purchasing products, using a service, or providing services. These points can then be redeemed in a virtual shop for attractive rewards from an extensive range of national and international brands. This is the first time ever that target groups have been able to use rewards programs for customer retention or employee motivation on their digital devices (e.g. smartphones or tablets), and likewise manage them in a user-friendly manner.

Incentives meet entertainment

Rewards programs are booming, but the boom in offers necessitates more than just attractive rewards to maximize motivation – the collection of points also needs to be attractive. Users’ preferences are also changing due to the media usage habits of in particular young people, and therefore the current target groups.

In light of this, particular attention was given to the “earn perspective” – the collection and acquisition of reward points – during the development of cadooz IPS. The new platform is therefore the first of its kind to comprise motivation modules based on gamification and social media success criteria. Participants can challenge each other, recommend campaigns, and like hot rewards. Intuitive navigation was also at the fore when it came to designing the platform.

Greater efficiency, thanks to real-time management

User-friendliness and cross-device usability are also important for rewards program managers. Program control with intuitive navigation and simple integration in existing systems facilitates the management of programs and minimizes the outlay required for process handling. The analysis and management of programs also allows for the immediate analysis of feedback and data-based efficiency optimization.

New channel for communications campaigns

The modular structure with responsive design and individual graphical and layout elements also enables target group-specific integration in marketing campaigns and corporate messages. With the possibility of combining the attractiveness of international brands with targeted content, cadooz IPS opens up new ways for communicating with the relevant target groups. Innovative content management strategies are given a new communication channel for addressing target groups directly and individually.

Full service for program setup and operation

As is the case for all its solutions, with its 16 years’ experience and expertise, cadooz offers full service from one source. The services offered range from personal consultations and individual program configuration through implementation and rollout, whereby cadooz acts as a complementary partner for the implementation of individual campaigns.

“cadooz IPS is a key milestone for us in our solution DNA and offers our customers and their target groups new benefit dimensions in this mobile age,” says Stefan Grimm, Vice President Sales & Marketing at cadooz. “With cadooz IPS, we’re breaking new ground, and the fantastic feedback from our customers is proof that with this solution, we’re living up to our goal of being a leading innovator,” continues Grimm.

cadooz operates expanded rewards shop for OTTO partners

The Hamburg-based company cadooz, a specialist in incentive solutions, is handling the reorganization and implementation of the entire partner rewards program for e-commerce retailer OTTO.

OTTO incentivizes the best customers or its OTTO partners who place bulk orders with OTTO by offering them reward points. These points can then be redeemed for attractive rewards. Other campaigns, such as reward of the month, winner trips and seasonal rewards highlights, will revitalize the points program, always giving OTTO partners a reason to come back and visit the points and rewards website. The service includes a digital platform for picking out rewards with an individual login for each OTTO partner. cadooz is also in charge of the entire processing, stocking and shipping of the rewards. The OTTO service center is integrated via a management portal to provide OTTO partners with any assistance that they might need.

The development and management of individual incentive solutions for customer loyalty programs has been a core business activity of cadooz for over 15 years.

cadooz is able to offer these services under especially attractive conditions by pooling the ordering and stocking of rewards and constantly optimizing the logistics processes. OTTO has also impressed with its expertise in the development and optimization of the services, rewards offers and digital platform.

Stefan Grimm, Vice President Sales & Marketing at cadooz: “We're very pleased with the outstanding partnership with OTTO. Such cooperation lets us interact as partners, which optimally leverages our complementary areas of expertise.”

German premiere: Wellness GiftCards for retail promotion and employee incentives

WellfitChoice is the name of the latest product from cadooz, the leading retailer for customer and employee incentives. Operating under the successful B2B brand, BestChoice, the first GiftCards on offer will be for use in the wellness sector. The WellfitChoice Sauna & Swim GiftCard can be given to employees as a gift, a tax-free benefit in kind or a point-of-sale freebie. WellfitChoice GiftCards are also perfect for customer acquisition, as a loyalty reward, as a competition prize or as a bonus.

In order to make this possible, cadooz is cooperating with 150 sauna and swimming facilities throughout Germany. The offer can be tailored to specific businesses and brands by including wellness facilities in the local area. “The new WellfitChoice product from cadooz offers a sustainable experience with a high binding factor. In a working world that is shaped by constant transformation, employees and customers have a real need for healthy relaxation activities. The WellfitChoice GiftCard lets users enjoy at least three hours of downtime in a swimming or sauna environment,” explains Stefan Grimm, Vice President Sales & Marketing.

“With the high experiential value of WellfitChoice, we are building on the success factors of our long-term customers for MovieChoice cinema GiftCard solutions,” Stefan Grimm continues. MovieChoice has been successfully used by retailers such as Payback and Melitta for a number of years. The new WellfitChoice product is already being implemented as part of the Shell Club Smart program.

cadooz Develops Customized Gift Card Solutions for Miles & More

cadooz, a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) and incentive solutions specialist, has added attractive gift card rewards, to its existing program with Miles & More. Program participants can now redeem their accumulated miles for digital gift cards, with as few as 3,000 award miles. The digital gift cards can be redeemed through a variety of participating retailers, such as Douglas, Saturn, iTunes, Spotify and Eventim, and in a wide range of industries, including gaming, music, cosmetics, electronics, music, events, clothing and sports.

The cooperation with Miles & More encompasses not only the concept of the individual gift card solution, but also the entire fulfillment process. In addition to the selection of digital gift cards for the German market, miles redemption for gift cards is also available for members in Austria, Italy, Russia, the UK, the US, with other European countries following soon.

“We are very excited about the Miles & More partnership and the opportunity for cadooz to apply its expertise to offers in international markets,” said Marc Ehler, cadooz’s European Managing Director.

“With a Miles & More customer base of more than 27 million, our partnership will provide an opportunity for challenge and accountability, and cadooz is thrilled to showcase its outstanding customer service and consultation expertise,” continued Stefan Grimm, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at cadooz.

cadooz Assumes B2B Gift Card Sales for Spotify in 25 Countries

cadooz GmbH, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (Nasdaq: EEFT), a leading full-service provider of vouchers, rewards, and incentives in Germany, today announces a partnership with leading music streaming service, Spotify, to distribute gift cards and voucher codes to business customers in 25 countries.

Through this agreement, cadooz will manage the end-to-end, business-to-business (B2B) sales and fulfilment process for Spotify. All corporate customer requests received by Spotify are redirected through a website developed by cadooz for fulfillment.  Using technology developed by Euronet subsidiary, epay, voucher codes can be ordered directly and gift cards can be activated promptly.  Additionally, the agreement allows Spotify to benefit from strong corporate demand without utilizing any internal resources as well as from cadooz’ promotional experience running incentive campaigns - including bulk shipment, cobranding and peer-to-peer deployment for corporate customers.

“We are proud to be facilitating the entire B2B voucher business for Spotify in 25 European markets,” says Volker Patzak, Vice President of Business Development at cadooz.  “Spotify’s strong brand recognition and our expertise in distributing voucher codes and gift cards, combined with epay’s digital distribution technology, provide an innovative product offering for our Corporate clients.”

Wirecard and cadooz bring joint co-branded prepaid card product to the market

Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd., a major European prepaid card issuer and company of the Wirecard Group, has partnered with cadooz GmbH, a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), to manage their new co-branding project. The Hamburg-based company is one of the leading full-service providers of gift cards, premium awards, and incentive solutions in German-speaking countries.

The cooperation includes the issuance of two Maestro prepaid card products in different versions: “cadoozCard” and “cadoozCard plus”. Both cards can be used as a reward and recognition tool for employee incentives. The issuance of both cards recently started in Germany, and the program will be swiftly expanded to additional European countries.

Companies wanting to reward employees and enhance long-term employee loyalty have two choices to offer their employees: The cadoozCard is a prepaid card which can be used within a network of selected shopping partners. The cadoozCard plusoffers extended flexibility and can be used at every food retailer, discounter and gas station that accepts Maestro. Corporations can co-brand or fully personalize either version of the cadoozCard.

Volker Patzak, Vice President Business Development for cadooz GmbH, said, “Wirecard is a leading issuer of innovative prepaid cards. We offer corporate customers a unique, flexible instrument to enhance employee loyalty with our various card versions – which meet all of the eMoney regulatory requirements. The Maestro function ensures customers can use a tight network of shopping partners.”

“With our many years of experience, we see enormous potential in co-branding products,” said Klaus Kröger, Managing Director for Wirecard Card Solutions. “In addition, card products in any form are in greater demand than ever, and are excellently suited for customer and employee loyalty programs. Therefore, we are very pleased to have implemented this project with cadooz.”

More than 3,000 companies across all industries are already using the innovative concepts from cadooz for sales promotions, as marketing tools, or employee incentives. The new cards issued by Wirecard expand the cadooz product range and open additional sales channels.

The cadooz Group generates revenues of more than €100 million in 2012

The cadooz Group, one of the leading full service providers in the field of vouchers, rewards and incentives, has reported very successful results for the financial year 2012 and is therefore continuing its uninterrupted growth – for the first time in its history, the company was able to generate revenues in excess of €100 million, an increase of more than 20% compared with the prior year. The demand for comprehensive incentive solutions has increased significantly across both products and sectors. The company's solutions are currently being used by more than 3,000 business clients for staff motivation, new customer acquisition and customer retention.

"We are proud of the fact that we were able to generate significant growth in sales again last year and to break through the turnover barrier of €100 million", says Florian Welsch, CEO of cadooz AG. "Whether our products are used as tools in referral marketing, as sales and staff incentives or as added extras at the point of sale, the demand for our solutions has increased significantly overall."

Within the product portfolio, MovieChoice, Germany's best known cinema voucher, which can be used in over 500 cinemas with more than 2,500 screens across the country, has made a particular contribution to this growth – for the second time in succession, cadooz has run the promotional campaign "Filmreif tanken" ("Fill up and watch a movie") for the gas station company Aral at around 2,500 gas stations throughout Germany.

The positive business trend can also be traced back to the products BestChoice (shopping), ProductChoice (bonuses) and iChoice. “The fact that our full range of services, product innovations and demanding quality management are performing consistently well is also demonstrated by the resumption of our collaboration with the SPIEGEL publishing house, which is once again using the BestChoice shopping voucher and DriversChoice gas voucher for customer retention and new customer acquisition", Welsch continues.

These examples clearly highlight how cadooz can sustainable meet the rising expectations of our business customers in regard to quality and service. Quality features such as a sufficient stock disposability, a customer-oriented processing and an efficient fulfillment have led to the fact that many corporate clients base their decision for a service provider not solely on the factor price anymore. "That’s why it is all the more important that we live up to our quality assurance to our business clients and their end customers", explains Florian Welsch. "However, many companies that try to imitate our business model fail to meet this expectation."

As a subsidiary of the stock exchange-listed Euronet Worldwide, one of the leading service providers in the field of electronic payment processing in the world, cadooz also complies with US accounting regulations. These are considered to be much tighter than the requirements of the German Commercial Code. "Our growth over the last 12 years proves that cadooz stands for service, transparency and a healthy corporate structure, which has rightfully earned us the trust of a continually growing customer base."