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The government offers companies various opportunities to provide incentives to employees. Experts estimate roundabout 111 different benefits, which have been introduced by the government and are supported by legislation. cadooz has brought together the most important benefits from this wide range.

As management of the individual elements was often very complex for the HR department, cadooz looked for a simple solution and developed the cadoozCard to manage all of the building blocks – with little management work for the HR department and maximum choice for the employee.

Products That Can Be Used As Tax-free Benefits

Building Blocks

With the cadoozCard and other cadooz products, you can use the following components and state subsidies. They can be combined with each other in any way:

The arrangement of the individual components is diverse but also complex. You will soon encounter questions about which tax advantage is applicable to the respective situation. Because whether it’s a Christmas party, birthday or anniversary, there are many different occasions for a company to hand over a gift to an employee.

In our white paper “Tax advantages for employee gifts”, you will find out:

  • What are employee incentives?
  • What occasions are there for giving employee gifts?
  • Which legal regulations must be observed?

Illustrated by a number of practical examples, various specific applications of tax advantages are revealed. 

Background From a Tax Law Perspective

The government provides companies and their employees with numerous benefits. Petrol vouchers with a value of EUR 44 are among the most well-known of such benefits. Further attractive remuneration modules, all of which are interesting alternatives to classic salary increases for both employers and employees, include using employees as brand ambassadors, flat-rate allowances for communication, travel allowances from employers, and holiday allowances exempt from social security contributions.

However, many companies remain reluctant to make use of such options due to the considerable administrative effort that they entail. This is precisely why cadooz developed the cadoozCard. It only requires 5 minutes of administrative effort per month and allows you to use the most attractive components.

The cadoozCard only works with components that have been approved by the government and expressly included in the German Income Tax Act. Would you like to find out about the individual possibilities in more detail? Then click  here or contact us. We will happily provide you with more information on how to benefit from state subsidies.

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