Dedicated, satisfied employees are an invaluable asset to your company. cadooz helps you as managers motivate your staff! 

What Does Employee Motivation Mean?

One of the core skills that a team leader has to exercise every day is to motivate and inspire enthusiasm in their staff for their jobs and for the tasks at hand. Offering the right motivation enables managers to guide their staff’s performance in a positive direction, ultimately contributing to the company’s success. Smart employee motivation will help you influence your team's behavior so that it maintains its good performance, develops further or even changes and improves. 

All the same, managers too are only people who don’t always find it easy to find the inner drive necessary to motivate their staff. This is where cadooz comes in: We offer employee benefits that will help contribute to a culture of appreciation within the company and enable managers to express their recognition. Motivate your staff with smart incentive solutions from cadooz.  

Employee Motivation: Types of Motivation

Employee motivation is important for keeping energy and morale high in the company. Managers have to make sure that their staff feel good in the company and that they experience a certain sense of belonging. Ultimately, employee motivation is the basis of a pleasant working environment. In business and human resource development, a distinction is made between two types of motivation: 

Extrinsic Motivation

This kind of motivation relates to external incentives. It doesn’t come from inside the employee but is triggered by tokens of appreciation such as salary increases, gift cards and rewards. One negative example is extrinsic motivation caused by the prospect of a penalty. The employee then performs certain tasks to avoid being given a warning. Positive motivation of the type inspired by incentives from cadooz is more pleasant for manager and employees alike and also has a more significant impact on the company. 


Intrinsic Motivation

We talk about intrinsic motivation when the employee’s motivation comes from inside. A satisfied employee who enjoys his work and may only just have started working for the company is usually intrinsically motivated. Flexible working hours, a friendly working climate, and scope for personal ideas are the roots from which intrinsically motivated employees grow.  


What Motivates My Employees?

The famous hierarchy of needs developed by Maslow shows that everyone has an inherent need for safety, esteem and self-actualization. (Intrinsic) motivation cannot arise if these needs are not met. Employees are often compared to delicate plants that have to be nurtured to grow. Managers should therefore help their staff fulfill the needs specified by Maslow all the way up to self-actualization. Give your staff scope to develop their creativity and use open communication to create a meaningful job for them. Remember to praise and recognize them for their achievements. 

But what is the difference between praise and recognition? A word of praise always implies a hierarchical relationship between the boss and his subordinate team member. This means that the praise comes from a position of superiority, whereas recognition implies appreciation at the same level. Recognition comes from the heart and makes the recipient feel positive. For purposes of employee motivation, recognition can also take the form of rewards, gift cards or incentive events. Events in particular bring the team and its leaders closer together and enable them to meet at eye level. 


cadooz is a leading provider of products and incentives for motivating employees. In recent years, we have developed smart, exciting employee benefits that have a positive influence on employee satisfaction and motivation. Rely on the expertise of cadooz when it comes to gifts for your staff, innovative idea management, or tax-exempt employer benefits. We will gladly help you select the right employee benefits and create complete incentive campaigns to motivate your staff.


Our Services

Employee Gifts

We all do it: We all compare online prices from various retailers before buying something, or read guest reviews before choosing a restaurant. Likewise, in times of full employment, a potential applicant will also determine which employers are of interest to them and what they have to offer. To strengthen your employer brand, we’ll be more than happy to advise you on how to create attractive benefits for your employees, how to stand out from your competitors, and how to immediately appear as a “top employer” to potential new colleagues.

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Idea Management

Did you know that the suggestions for improvement made by employees in German companies last year generated more than €1 billion in savings? If you’d like to motivate your employees to also help improve your business processes, cadooz can offer you the perfect solution for a profitable idea management scheme, enabling you to manage your employees’ ideas, communicate with them directly, and offer them a selection of great rewards to say thank you.

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Tax Benefits

The government has set out up to 111 tax-free benefits or perks that you should be sure to take advantage of. On the basis of these, cadooz has created an extensive catalog of benefits, available to you should you choose to collaborate with us. In the past, HR departments have often been overburdened with the complex management of individual employee benefits when it comes to taxes. We make the job easier for you through our custom building blocks.

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FAQ About Employee Motivation

The Gabler business dictionary defines employee motivation as follows: 

Employee motivation means the “influence exercised by the manager or company over the employee to inspire the latter to maintain, improve or make (fundamental) changes to his performance and/or results”.

Communication is indispensable when people’s thoughts and emotions are involved. This is why you should rely on (anonymous) surveys, talks with staff, workshops and observations to measure and analyze employee motivation. Talk to your employees and find out what would motivate them and what benefits they would find exciting. cadooz will gladly help you choose incentives. 

A healthy working atmosphere, meaningful tasks, praise, recognition, a commensurate salary, opportunities for further training, benefits and the right work-life balance can motivate employees to reach peak performance. However, the right incentive has to be found for each employee. While older employees are more likely to need confirmation that their jobs are secure, younger colleagues often attach more importance to flexible working hours and the ability to work from their home office. Talks will help you find out what your staff find important.

A company is only as good as its employees. Satisfied, consistently motivated staff make a major contribution to the company’s development and are an important economic factor. High motivation leads to high commitment and thus to high productivity. This improves employee loyalty, causing fluctuation to decline and keeping absenteeism low. 

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