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Employee Motivation

Engaged and content employees are invaluable to your business. cadooz supports you in employee motivation!

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What Does Employee Motivation Mean?

One of the core skills that a team leader has to exercise every day is to motivate and inspire enthusiasm in their staff for their jobs and for the tasks at hand. Offering the right motivation enables managers to guide their staff’s performance in a positive direction, ultimately contributing to the company’s success. Smart employee motivation will help you influence your team's behavior so that it maintains its good performance, develops further or even changes and improves. 

All the same, managers too are only people who don’t always find it easy to find the inner drive necessary to motivate their staff. This is where cadooz comes in: We offer employee benefits that will help contribute to a culture of appreciation within the company and enable managers to express their recognition. Motivate your staff with smart incentive solutions from cadooz.  

Emotional Appreciation with the Inflation Premium

In times of high inflation, it is especially important for employers to show their employees appreciated. Ideally with an incentive in a personal and emotional form. 

The federal government has created an instrument for an extra portion of appreciation with the inflation premium.

Employee Motivation - Inflation Premium

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FAQ About Employee Motivation

The Gabler business dictionary defines employee motivation as follows: 

Employee motivation means the “influence exercised by the manager or company over the employee to inspire the latter to maintain, improve or make (fundamental) changes to his performance and/or results”.

Communication is indispensable when people’s thoughts and emotions are involved. This is why you should rely on (anonymous) surveys, talks with staff, workshops and observations to measure and analyze employee motivation. Talk to your employees and find out what would motivate them and what benefits they would find exciting. cadooz will gladly help you choose incentives. 

A healthy working atmosphere, meaningful tasks, praise, recognition, a commensurate salary, opportunities for further training, benefits and the right work-life balance can motivate employees to reach peak performance. However, the right incentive has to be found for each employee. While older employees are more likely to need confirmation that their jobs are secure, younger colleagues often attach more importance to flexible working hours and the ability to work from their home office. Talks will help you find out what your staff find important.

A company is only as good as its employees. Satisfied, consistently motivated staff make a major contribution to the company’s development and are an important economic factor. High motivation leads to high commitment and thus to high productivity. This improves employee loyalty, causing fluctuation to decline and keeping absenteeism low.