Reference: Loyalty


OTTO is looking for a partner to manage the customer retention and bonus programs of its core business. The management should be carried out in a more effective way at a lower price. OTTO incentivizes selected customers by giving them points for their purchases. The points collected in this way can then be redeemed for attractive rewards.


The service includes a digital platform for selecting rewards with personal usage data. cadooz is also in charge of the entire processing, stocking and shipping of the rewards. Other campaigns will revitalize the program, always giving a reason to come back and visit the points and rewards website. The OTTO service center is integrated via a management portal to provide OTTO customers with any assistance that they might need.

The development, monitoring and further-development of individual incentive solutions for customer retention programs is part of cadooz’s core business. cadooz is able to offer these services under especially attractive conditions by pooling the ordering and stocking of rewards and constantly optimizing the logistics processes. This special expertise impressed OTTO.

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