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World Environment Day 2022: Raising environmental awareness since 1972.


Held every year on June 5, World Environment Day is led by the UN and supported by 193 of its member states. It was launched on the opening day of the first UN Conference on the Human Environment back in 1972. This day has also been celebrated annually in Germany since 1980 with a focus on various themes and it is intended to show that everyone can do something for our planet. As part of each World Environment Day, there are campaigns to promote recycling, combat environmental destruction around the world, and raise awareness of environmental issues. The stated objective – which this day is also designed to illustrate – is the demand for respectful treatment of the environment as a basis for sustainable development. There is an increasing need to address this issue, and not only because of climactic changes.

What does moorland have to do with the environment?
In Germany, the theme of this year’s World Environment Day was “Protect the climate, naturally: Conserve moors, forests, and oceans”. But what exactly does that mean, and what does a moor, for example, have to do with climate protection? It is not only Arctic permafrost soils that have been accumulating stores of the harmful greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) for some time – moorland and bogs also lock up CO2 in the ground. Less well known is the fact that they also store nitrous oxide (NO2), a harmful greenhouse gas commonly known as laughing gas. But over recent years, an increasing number of Germany’s moors and bogs have been drained in order to extract peat, which is then used as fuel or mixed into potting soil. However, moors are extremely valuable for the development of the climate. Although they have quite a small surface area, more CO2 can be stored in them than in a comparatively large forest.  Protecting remaining moorland is therefore an essential part of climate protection, alongside the preservation of forests.

Achieving more with strong partners
As individuals, we can all do our bit for greater sustainability and climate protection – but when we team up with strong partners, we can bring about changes on a much larger scale. For example, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) – one of the world’s largest international nature and environmental protection organizations – is working to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the reduction of environmental pollution. For more than 50 years, WWF has carried out numerous projects in the field of environmental, animal and species protection, mainly funded by donations.

Actively supporting environmental protection

Everyone can make their personal contribution to environmental and climate protection, for example by making a donation. This is now possible with our BestChoice gift card and with WWF as our new partner. You can make a contribution even by giving a small donation and support the organization in their work. New to the BestChoice range is the WWF donation gift card, the value of which can be redeemed to support a variety of WWF projects. From wildlife protection and forest conservation to WWF climate protection projects, the gift card can be easily redeemed online on the WWF website. Treat yourself and help others at the same time.

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