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The cadooz Blog is Going Live


Many exciting incentive marketing topics, plus insights into everyday working life at cadooz.

You will find fascinating posts on all aspects of incentive marketing in our cadooz blog. We are an expert in national and global incentive marketing. Day in and day out, we concentrate on innovative solutions and ideas for incentivizing.

Fascinating articles on all things incentive marketing – plus a peek behind the scenes

Whether we are talking about motivating staff or retaining customers, every area presents many of you with exciting challenges in your day-to-day business operations. We want our blog to be a platform where you can not only find out about the latest issues, but also discuss many fascinating topics in dialog with us.

There are also plenty of interesting things to find out about cadooz itself. For example, did you know that we began as a tiny start-up and have grown over the course of 18 years to become an incentive expert? The epay brand is also often associated with cadooz. But what few people know is that they are sister companies, which creates huge synergy effects.

This made us want to tell you more about ourselves – the company, all of the knowledge we have gathered in recent years, us cadoozies (i.e. the employees), and our day-to-day working life – and so the idea of a cadooz blog was born.

Articles straight from the company – we write our own posts

We write most of our articles ourselves, and gather our knowledge from our various departments, giving our in-house authors a voice. This means that no article sounds like another. Instead, it gives our blog posts a real face and the broadest array of expertise possible.

Dividing the blog into five different categories makes for diversity in the topics of the posts, without sacrificing its focus. Assigning the posts to different categories makes it easier for you to find whatever interests you.

Category: Employee Benefits   
This is where you will find all topics related to employees. Incentives allow you to give your employees extra motivation and show them how much you value them. The affordable advantages and options available to you to do this are just some of the topics you will find in this category.

Category: Sales Promotion
How can incentives support your sales? You will discover all the possible ways to use incentives, along with other topics related to every aspect of sales promotion, in this category.

Category: Loyalty
Interested in the topic of customer retention? If so, you have found the right place in the “Loyalty” category. Blog posts in this category offer valuable tips on everything from winning new customers to retaining existing ones.

Category: cadooz News
When cadooz launches product innovations on the market or has any other exciting news to share about our company, we will post it in the “cadooz News” category.

Category: cadooz Inside
The “cadooz Inside” category lets you get to know cadooz better as a company. We will also give you a peek behind the scenes to show you what everyday working life is like at our company. Employees introduce themselves and answer questions like “What’s it like to work at cadooz?” or “What do you enjoy most about your job at cadooz?”.

We look forward to sharing the cadooz blog, writing the articles and having a dialog with you. Happy reading!

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