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Stay@home: 8 tips to avoid boredom


In 2020 everything is different: Since the spring, our day-to-day lives have consisted of working, and engaging in many other activities, within the confines of our own four walls. With theater trips, cultural events and concerts all called off until the late summer at least, we need to use all this extra time at home effectively if we want to avoid getting bored. How can you keep busy at home?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Since we don't have all too many chances to spend our free time out in the open, it’s all the more important to use the time in your own four walls productively. The restrictions are starting to be lifted, but in the coming months we’ll still be spending more time than normal inside our own four walls. To make sure this doesn’t leave us feeling frustrated or downhearted, the best thing to do is to keep busy:


A spring clean 

Windows squeaky clean, drawers organized, and every corner of the room dust-free. If you’re spending a lot of time at home, you’ll feel a whole lot better in a clean and tidy environment – especially when you find yourself in a video conference with your colleagues and your boss. After all, no one wants to have an untidy background in their meeting. But a spring clean on its own isn’t quite enough to make you happy...


One of couch potatoes’ favorite excuses is that they don’t have any time. If you’re currently working from home most of the time, and maybe saving yourself that commute to and from work in the morning and evening, you can at least use this time of the day to do a little exercise. There are no excuses. Instead of a half-hour drive, how about a jog around the block or performing a sun salutation on your yoga mat at home? Or maybe today it’ll be the virtual Zumba course? The key is bringing some movement into your home! 

Read books

Finally you’ve got time to chip away at that pile of books and lose yourself in a thriller, sci-fi or fantasy novel. As a manager you could also give your employees recommendations of books that have particularly inspired or moved you. A virtual book club could also be an idea: Everyone reads the same book over a certain period of time, and discusses their thoughts via Hangouts, Zoom or Teams. 

DIY projects 

What’s the best way to make time fly? That’s right—by keeping busy. If you’ve got a garden or a balcony, you can let off some steam with a spot of leisurely gardening or hobby craft. For everyone else there are the small DIY projects to help spruce up your home or just the ones that are purely practical. 

Online shopping

Whether it’s material for your DIY project or simply another pair of pants, a sweater or a t-shirt. Obligatory face masks in malls, hardware stores and retail spaces are enough to put a lot of people off an extensive shopping trip. If as a manager you’re wondering how to motivate your employees working from home, or perhaps how you could wish someone a happy birthday at this time, the BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard by cadooz is a safe bet. This way, your employees will have the opportunity to go shopping in over 500 partner stores from the comfort of their own sofa.

Personal development

Staying at home doesn't mean you have to switch off your mind and body. On the contrary: There are few better ways people can spend their time than investing it in themselves. Thanks to the Internet, it’s incredibly easy nowadays to learn a language, photography, programming, cooking or how to play an instrument. Platforms like YouTube and Udemy provide a wide variety of easily accessible online courses. It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be professional development, either. You should keep your focus on your own interests, which are essential to personal fulfillment. 


Sure, many cinemas are currently reopening in some states but, for a lot of visitors, wearing a face mask in the cinema chair for the whole duration of the movie is just too much. There are also hardly any new films, since all production was put on hold in the past few months. Drive-in cinemas are a nice alternative, but they’re only relevant for people with their own wheels. BestChoice Entertainment by cadooz is the perfect solution for your employees to get an entertainment package delivered to their door. The voucher can be used with exclusive partners such as Google Play, iTunes or Spotify, and grants access to films and series, e-books, apps, music and games. 


According to Spotify’s media data, the platform has over 500,000 podcast titles on offer. The range is enormous and provides more than enough aural entertainment possibilities for the time at home. Give your employees access to podcasts and musical entertainment with the BestChoice Entertainment gift cards from cadooz.

There’s no place like home

The current situation is challenging for all of us. With a little thought and imagination about entertainment possibilities, though, we can all make it through our day-to-day life. 

To make this necessary time at home a little more pleasant for your employees, cadooz offers an array of incentive products to motivate employees working from home Motivating employees and give them encouragement at just the right moment. We would be happy to advise you in this respect. Our employee benefit experts can help you to find the right incentive for your employees. Please use our contact form contact form or give us a call!

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