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Presentation of Our Hamburg Location

cadooz GmbH’s offices are located in the Alstercity complex, in Hamburg’s Barmbek Süd district. We began our journey in 2000 with just four employees. Today, we have a staff of 90 “cadoozies” and our offices take up much of our building’s eighth floor. From here, we have a wonderful view of the Osterbekkanal and different sections of the city.


Employee Benefits

Incentive Marketing - Using Gifts to Advance Company Goals

In today’s business world, we have a broad range of possibilities and strategies by which to promote company goals through gifts and discounts. Of course, this is not necessarily an entirely simple process, with the tax authorities keeping a very close eye on such transfers. We provide you with an overview of the various incentive marketing options and their tax implications.



What is Emotional Customer Loyalty?

According to studies, discounts and offers alone no longer suffice when it comes to establishing long-term customer loyalty to a company or brand, and do little to make customers less inclined to swap providers. However, companies that succeed in inspiring enthusiasm and satisfaction, in turning customers into fans, are more likely to prevail against others, and to reap numerous, more concrete benefits. 


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Who or What is cadooz?

At cadooz, we work day in and day out with innovative product and incentive solutions. Our experience – now dating back more than 18 years – has enabled us to gather the unmatched expertise that our numerous business clients have come to appreciate. Our solutions are used to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, to motivate staff, and to promote sales.