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Visitors, exhibitors, and experts enjoy two exciting days at this year’s dmexco in Cologne. Decision-makers from the digital economy gathered on September 12–13 for the tenth year to show where trends are headed in the near and in the more distant future. 


Employee Benefits

Using employee benefits to boost employee loyalty

Finding and recruiting qualified, motivated employees can be a real challenge, as many in HR will know all too well. There are currently too few properly qualified applicants to fill the amount of vacancies on the job market. Under these circumstances, it can be difficult to know how to set yourself apart as an employer in order to attract the right kinds of applicants.


cadooz Inside

All about us in HR (the Human Resources department)

Everyone knows that the HR department at cadooz acts as a business partner for all specialized departments and for executive management. We partner with them to make cadooz a 21st-century employer. To do this, we rely on the input of our co-workers and our subject-specific expertise.


Sales Promotion

Incentives for Promoting Sales Through Add-ons

Offering add-ons with a product is a popular, albeit not especially new, approach with a proven track record. Consumers are familiar with the concept of extra benefits and not always aware that these are part of an incentive marketing strategy.