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Optimizing Employee Motivation in Times of Remote Working


There are many reasons employees might work from home. For one, the digital transformation makes it easier with tools such as cloud-based workspaces and video conferencing software. However, when a crisis suddenly forces the entire staff to work from home, managers encounter a host of new challenges. When this happens, it is crucial to adapt the old ways of thinking. We have to consider how staff members can continue to work well together and how the business can be kept running with as few interruptions as possible. Employee motivation measures are a vital part of such a strategy. After all, motivation is one of the key drivers of good work, whether employees are working in their usual office or at home.

The Challenges of Remote Working: Why Internal Communication Is Important Now

At cadooz, we too have had to change our way of thinking and make adjustments within a very narrow time frame. And we are not alone in this: Most German companies have partially or completely switched over to remote working. Workspaces have been moved from offices to private homes. For the time being, the concept of going into the office has been put on hold in German companies, as everyone is required to work from home wherever possible.

The result is that managers are having to schedule in a great deal more time for communicating with their employees. After all, it is not just companies that are facing uncertainties, but employees too. Many of them have never worked from home before, and they need time and support to adjust to this new and unusual situation. In some cases, the technical requirements are a hurdle that must be overcome: Not every employee has their own computer at home. In some cases, the tools and programs being used are completely new to many employees. With everyone working from home, employees can't continue their usual day-to-day exchanges with colleagues. And many are dealing with separate challenges on top of this, like those whose children are currently unable to attend kindergarten or school.

The important thing for managers is to be continually aware of the challenges faced by their employees and to develop strategies that account for individual circumstances as well as the situation within the company.

Other causes of uncertainty among employees include:

  • Fears about personal health and the workspace being used
  • Financial worries
  • Psychological strain as a result of social isolation


These factors require you to pay particular attention to your staff while they are working remotely. Employee motivation is more important now than ever.


Internal Communication and Remote Working - Things to Watch Out For

Good internal communication processes allow you to identify problems early on and to implement counter-measures before the problems escalate. Even simple measures can help create a sense of togetherness that is particularly important in times of crisis: This helps boost employee motivation in situations like the one we are facing today.

So what does this mean exactly? First, it requires establishing a sort of timetable. You might consider, for example, when a video conference call is absolutely necessary to make a decision, and when a short phone call will suffice. Have you already learned any important lessons over the last few weeks? If so, you can also incorporate these into your strategy. Anything that can support communication while employees are working from home can be included here.

Let’s take the following example: A daily morning meeting is a brilliant way of exchanging ideas, strengthening the team spirit, and ensuring everyone is in the right mood to start the day. Is anything important happening today? Maybe it’s someone’s birthday, and you can all sing “Happy Birthday” together. This daily meeting can be used for these and other purposes, and it allows you to get a sense of how your staff are feeling. This last point can be slightly tricky in a large group, so make sure you schedule regular one-on-one meetings as well. These can help you to recognize and resolve problems at an early stage.


More tips for making employees feel appreciated while they are working from home:

  • Update them on any new measures
  • Schedule one-to-one meetings
  • Ensure communication is transparent
  • Strengthen the sense of togetherness
  • Inspire optimism
  • Show that you are on hand and always be approachable
  • Use digital and cloud-based tools, e.g. for planning and video conference calls
  • Introduce incentives to motivate employees

Showing Employees Appreciation to Help Them Enjoy Remote Working

Even a small word can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing satisfaction in your team: Don’t forget to say “Thank you.” Your employees are the linchpin of your company and they keep the doors open, so to speak, especially when times are hard. It is therefore a good idea to consider a gesture of gratitude. There are many ways to show your team that you value them.

You can also do this through incentives - cadooz offers a range of solutions, such as the popular BestChoice ShoppingGiftCard. You can never go wrong with this option, as it is redeemable against gift cards and brand items from more than 150 attractive brands. 

We can help you make your employees feel appreciated with our professional solutions.


There are many ways you can optimize your internal communication processes while your employees are working remotely. By showing your employees gratitude and appreciation, you'll be creating the best conditions for getting through this crisis safely. We would be more than happy to advise you and help you with a number of professional incentive solutions. Get in touch with us using the contact form or give us a call!

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