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Employee Appreciation Day


Employee Appreciation Day, observed in America on the first Friday in March, is not generally known in Germany yet, but is increasingly gaining significance. This is no surprise given that it touches on a subject that is of utmost importance to German companies: employee recognition. It’s about implementing a culture of appreciation in a company that goes beyond the occasional pat on the back, and provides employees with a sense of long-term satisfaction.

More employee satisfaction thanks to more recognition

People in management positions know that their job isn’t just about helpfully passing out to-do lists or holding regular customer meetings. The operational activities that land on their desk every day also include less formal work. To be specific, the satisfaction and motivation of their staff. Because employees are a reliable factor of success for every company. Someone who is happy in their job will not only work harder, they will also contribute to a pleasant work atmosphere and a positive company image. Leaders who regularly and reliably give their employees recognition are securing their loyalty to the company. This boosts their motivation to give the job their all.

There are many different ways and means to ensure that employees feel appreciated. Whether it’s a small gesture like a friendly smile, saying thank you in front of the entire company, or cash or non-cash gifts—the possibilities are nearly limitless.

A couple of examples:

  • Praise for outstanding performance
  • Promotions when employees have proven themselves
  • Gifts such as shopping gift card, movie gift card, or gas gift card
  • Clearly worded feedback
  • Intelligent ideas management
  • Appreciative communication culture
  • Team events, e.g. celebrating successes
  • Showing off successful projects and employees on social media


Earn points with incentive marketing

Incentive marketing has also proven to be a useful tool. The goal is to motivate employees with small or big incentives to increase their job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing incentives: from a snackbox in the break room to praise in Monday meetings or lunch with the boss, anything fun and that makes the employee(s) feel good is on the table.

Although Employee Appreciation Day is an American holiday, more and more companies in Germany are also addressing the topic of employee recognition and incentive marketing. The results of surveys commissioned by cadooz speak for themselves: Almost half of the 529 corporate decision-makers surveyed stated that they already use incentives for employee motivation. Another 24% can imagine operating in this area.

cadooz can help you in the area of employee recognition with professional solutions

Thanks to years of experience, cadooz helps a number of companies in the area of employee incentives. Our customers include SAP, IKEA, and the Munich airport, to name a few. They use different solution models like the cadoozCard or our ideas management.

A new, recent trend is also incentive events, in other words team events, for example, that increase employee motivation. Potential formats include cooking events, sports events, or breakout experiences—and here, creativity basically knows no bounds.

There are plenty of other possibilities for how you can show your employees appreciation and recognition. You could take this coming Employee Appreciation Day as an opportunity to take a close look at the appreciation culture in your company. We would be more than happy to advise you and help you with a number of professional incentive solutions. Get in touch with us using the contact form or give us a call!

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