Share Joy with refer-a-friend

Who do you trust more? A billboard or a friend? You are more likely to take a product recommendation from someone you know than from an advertisement. The same is true for 92 percent of your customers. Makes you wonder what kind of friends the other 8 percent have ... anyway, that’s beside the point.



Advantage clubs – an ideal solution for customer retention

We know that many customers consider one-time special promotions a prerequisite for choosing a provider. These mostly short-term discounts are soon forgotten, though, which means something is required to hold customers’ interest for the long haul. Learn more about how an advantage club can do precisely that.



What is Emotional Customer Loyalty?

According to studies, discounts and offers alone no longer suffice when it comes to establishing long-term customer loyalty to a company or brand, and do little to make customers less inclined to swap providers. However, companies that succeed in inspiring enthusiasm and satisfaction, in turning customers into fans, are more likely to prevail against others, and to reap numerous, more concrete benefits.