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Becoming a father later in life: What does that mean for men and children?


Another year has gone by and it’s time for the traditional Ascension Day celebrations in Germany. In other words, it’s Father’s Day! Nearly three weeks after we showed the mothers of the world our recognition, respect and gratitude for everything they do, it’s now the fathers’ and dads’ turn. While it used to be common practice for people to have children at a very young age, the social trend nowadays is in the other direction. The average age of first-time parents is increasing: In 1991, the average age for men was 31, while in 2020 it was 34.6. Even more interesting is the fact that 6% of men in 2019 were older than 44. This prompts the question: What does it mean to become a father at this age?

Life experience and a financial basis

As the saying goes, maturity comes with age. The same applies to becoming a father. The older you are when it happens, the more you’ve seen and experienced. This life experience and wisdom are valuable, transferable skills to have when it comes to bringing up children, with the ability to deal with potential uncertainties. Career and finances are other important aspects. At this age, most people are already on a firm financial footing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that older men aren’t still very busy with work, but usually they no longer have to worry about how their families will make ends meet.


Children liven up the house

It’s important to remember, however, that older men don’t have the same levels of stamina and patience that they had in their early 30s. Toddlers are loud, love to run around and can sometimes be cranky. Children can complicate matters for anyone hoping for peace and quiet at a later stage of life. And depending on age, certain questions also arise, such as: “Will I be around to see my child get married? Will I ever meet my grandchildren?” Uncomfortable questions that new fathers in their 50s may well ask themselves. Ultimately, these are thoughts and questions that have to be considered when planning for a baby. But at the end of the day, children don’t need clever words of wisdom, perfect financial planning or a non-stop entertainment program. They simply need to be loved unconditionally by their parents.


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