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For more than 18 years, we have specialized in incentive marketing. Now we are bringing it to life and giving you an exciting look into the way we work and grow together at cadooz.








Read our blog and get regular updates on incentive marketing issues. Let us give you a peek behind the scenes and find out what goes on at work every day at cadooz! We write almost all of our blog posts ourselves and are looking forward to interesting conversations with our readers. The posts are classified into different categories, so it is easy for you to find the topics that are relevant for you.

Category - Guide

Incentives allow you to give your employees extra motivation and show them how much you value them. Affordable advantages and options available to you to do this are just a few of the topics you will find in this category.

How can incentives boost your sales? You will discover all the possible ways to use incentives, along with other topics related to every aspect of sales promotion, in this category.

Interested in the topic of customer retention? If so, you have found the right place in the “Loyalty” category. Blog posts in this category offer valuable tips on everything from winning new customers to retaining and regaining existing ones.

When cadooz launches product innovations on the market or has any other exciting news to share about the portfolio or brands, we will post it in the “cadooz News” category.

Are you interested in the people who stand behind cadooz? The “cadooz Inside” category lets you get to know our teams better, find out how we work, and what kind of employer cadooz is.

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